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Teaches kids (and adults) to properly wash their hands
Washem is a mobile app that teaches kids and adults how to wash their hands conform the handwashing instructions provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Washem uses animations and a timer so anyone can follow along with the hand washing procedure.
6 Alternatives to Washem

The makers of Amazon Dating bring you their newest project, in partnership with Pornhub, to highlight the importance of hand washing and raise money for Invisible Hands + Frontline Foods.

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We couldn't have expressed it better than Eric from Netflix's Sex Education when he asked his classmate to "wash your hands, you dirty pig." We currently exist in an age where toilet paper has emerged as a precious collectible item and good hygiene has become so important that even the men who would take a leak and leave without washing their hands are now f… See more
From the minds behind Amazon Dating and Pornhub comes Scrubhub, a safe-for-work parody site that advocates for handwashing: Scrubhub. Scrubhub has a collection of satirical handwashing videos featuring both everyday people and Pornhub models like Asa Akira, and will also feature lives twice daily at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands with a baby shark. Then wash your hands with Raging Idiots. Alanis knows what's up. The CDC has been quite adamant that the best way to fight the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 is to simply wash your hands. Wash your hands.
Pornhub has launched " Scrubhub," a new campaign championing hand washing amid the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to giving models 100% of their sales and offering everyone a free month of their premium service, the adult streaming platform has partnered with Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn - the creators of Amazon Dating - to encourage people to practice prop… See more
Aside from offering premium content to isolated individuals for free, Pornhub took a step further in battling the coronavirus by launching a website that educates people on... hand-washing. The adult entertainment platform has created a nudity-free website called, which demonstrates how to wash hands correctly and maintain good hygiene.
If you need something done, leave it to PornHub. Those guys really can do it all. This time, the good folks over at the Hub are back with ScrubHub, a sort of 21st Century PSA/native company advertisement.
Need a reprieve from your regularly scheduled porn breaks? Move on over to ScrubHub, Pornhub's new handwashing website, for something extra dirty. It's here that you can let loose to videos of people washing their hands, squirting hand sanitizer, and babysitters going from filthy to fresh. It walks like Pornhub.
PornHub partnered with the same artists behind parody site "Amazon Dating" to create "ScrubHub" - an entire site filled with videos of people washing their hands. Modeled after the porn site, ScrubHub has thousands of videos of everyday people and select adult entertainers washing their hands - some filed under typical porn categories like BDSM, Bear, and Fe… See more
As well as, obviously, the coronavirus, one thing has been on our minds the last few weeks of lockdown: sex. With everyone trapped in their homes, the chance of finding anyone to have sex with - couples aside - is slim, leading to a spike in sex toy sales and visits to porn sites.
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