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13 alternative and related products to Wander 2.0

Wander 2.0
Travel destinations that fit your budget

Hi makers & hunters,

Wander is a travel destination search engine that allows you to quickly find where you can get to.

This is the 2nd big iteration we made on the product and after listening to our users - we improved accuracy, design and we also automagically build your travel package.

we would to hear your feedback.

13 Alternatives to Wander 2.0

Discover the best travel destinations based on your budget!

Emile-Victor Portenart
Emile-Victor Portenart- Co-Founder, Designer at
Destigogo is definitely one of the few product I use when I'm looking for a random destination to go!
Kevin Joling
Kevin Joling- Maker of
DESTIGOGO tells you where to go within a certain budget. v2 is coming soon :)
Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker- Product Manager
Beautiful UI, shows you where you can travel on a certain budget
31 Alternatives to DESTIGOGO | Travel tool

Travel planning made easy - travel itineraries, VR, maps

Scott Williams
Scott Williams- President, Emisare, Inc.
I found Sygic on Product Hunt in 2017 and have been a power user ever since. Sygic makes travel planning easy and lets you build detailed itineraries complete w/ mapping, reviews, and more. There's a free version that's useful but Premium gets you a whole lot more (e.g. downloadable maps). There are three ways to purchase premium: Monthly ($3.99), yearly or … See more
Andreas Stegmann
Andreas Stegmann
Best tool for roadtrips hands down.
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Get paid when the price drops on flights & hotels. 100% Free

Automatic flight and hotel price protection.

Around the web
How many times have you booked a flight only to discover a few days later that the price just dropped? If only you had waited... Those days are gone now, and you can book away without paying much attention to the price, as long as you're going to use a new service called DoNotPay.
The Verge
A chatbot can now offer you protection against volatile airline prices. It's the same bot, DoNotPay, that helped users protest parking tickets and even sue Equifax for small sums of money. Joshua Browder, a junior at Stanford University, designed the new service on the bot in a few months, after experiencing rapidly fluctuating airline prices when flying to … See more
Business Insider
A new service hopes to save users hundreds of dollars on plane tickets by automatically exploiting legal loopholes. Robot legal service DoNotPay attempts to rebook and get partial refunds on flights if their prices drop. It's free to use, and users get to keep 100% of their savings.
21 Alternatives to DoNotPay Travel

Google Docs for planning your trips with friends.

Write notes and map places you want to go on your trip in a single document with real-time collaboration. Export your itinerary to Google Maps for when you're on the go. And after the trip, easily turn your doc into a recommendations list for your friends.

Ramiro Berrelleza
Ramiro Berrelleza- Developer
I've been using it recently for planing day trips in the Bay Area. Love that it has instant search of places, and that it's very easy to share the itinerary with people not using the app.
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6 Alternatives to Wanderlog

Welcome is a smart travel companion that uses friend and expert recommendations (powered by a location aware AI) to create real time itineraries.
Never ask “Where do I go now?”
Welcome guides you to the best place, personalized for you.

Ashwin Sathe
Ashwin Sathe
I absolutely loathe spending hours asking friends for recommendations or pre-planning my vacation activities just to have weather changes affect all my plans . That's why I downloaded and have been using Welcome! This app aggregates tips from my friends and experts and uses AI to plan out my days ON-THE-FLY, taking into account things like travel time, weat… See more
Around the web
Many people like to travel. Far fewer like planning out their trip before they arrive. With Welcome, they don't have to. It uses AI to automatically generate itineraries on the fly, adjusting as you spend more/less time in a place,...
Describe both the business and technology aspects of your startup. Welcome is an artificial intelligence-powered platform helping travelers effortlessly discover new and interesting places. We use machine learning to take the work out of planning, allowing for users to be more spontaneous once at their destination with flexible, instantly generated itinerari… See more
The new Welcome app is going after young travelers, offering itinerary suggestions once they land in a new city or country. Peter Gerard, Co-Founder and Head of Growth and Operations at Welcome, joined Cheddar to show us how the app works.
Welcome is a new app that CEO Matthew Rosenberg said is designed for a more spontaneous approach to traveling. "What we're going after is these millennials [and] Gen Z travelers who feel comfortable going in the moment," Rosenberg told me. "Eighty-five percent of people aren’...
5 Alternatives to Welcome

Map out your travel ideas with a screenshot 📸

Trippo helps you capture and organise travel ideas you discovered on ANY app or website by simply taking a screenshot. It will tell you where it is and show you more stunning photos of the place to make sure you will pick the right destination for your next adventure.

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We called on early-stage startup founders to apply for TC Top Pick status at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018, which takes place on 29-30 November. We knew that many founders would heed the call but - holy smokes - the response was thunderous. Sheer volume combined with sheer brilliance to make our job of selecting up ...
Trippo's use of machine learning allows you to uncover travel ideas and inspiration through a screenshot. on the TechCrunch Disrupthow
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6 Alternatives to Trippo

Discover the most beautiful places in the world

We are a discovery portal for people who love traveling and exploring the world, or who are just seeking some inspiration in their daily lives.

Celebrate the spirit of adventure with us and find your inner explorer as you discover some of the most breath-taking places around the world.

6 Alternatives to The Travel Pad
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