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Top alternatives for Wally

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  • Vault

    Vault helps you automatically save for retirement whenever you’re paid. We believe that investing is for everyone, regardless of what you make or when.

    So whether you’re paid daily, weekly, monthly, or on a contract, our automatic and flexible contribution options let you set the pace that’s comfortable for you.

  • Saved

    Saved is a gorgeous simple personal finance app.

  • Divvy

    1 review

    Divvy is the most secure payment platform for business. Divvy automates the entire expense report process, helps companies eliminate fraud and wasteful spending, and manages online subscriptions.

    RIP expense reports

  • Status Money

    Status is the first and only PFM website that lets you anonymously compare your finances with millions of people like you! It shows you if you spend more on rent or restaurants than people living near you, if you earn less than people your age, or if you pay higher interest rates than people with similar credit scores.

  • Moneydance

    Easy to use personal finance software with all the features
  • Chronicle

    The easiest, fastest bill manager in the App Store
  • Entaxy

    3 reviews

    Entaxy was founded on the vision of helping people better understand their financial lives without having to sacrifice their data in the process. Leveraging Blockstack’s decentralized internet, users can access their financial data - entirely stored by the user - and receive useful insights that make understanding and managing their finances easier

    Clean easy tool- see the long term vision on this one. Super easy to use and nice to see people leveraging platforms like Blockstack to envi…

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  • MoneyTracker.cc

    1 review

    MoneyTracker is an open-source progressive web app that allows you to track your income and expenses.

    This app can work offline on desktop, tablet and mobile.

    Data is stored locally on device in PouchDB database and can be synced to the cloud.

    Simple asset multi-coin manager. One of the most simple and yet complete expense managers that i saw lately. There are a few things missing,…

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  • Moneyspire

    User friendly & powerful personal finance software
  • Rekount

    Rekount is one of the better looking and super functional personal budgeting apps I've seen. There is a one-time IAP for $10 and the app can be tried out for free. I think this one will be useful to many who simply want to maintain a record of basic spending/income and budget accordingly.

  • Kualto

    Organize and manage your expenses by forecasting your cash flow.

    See what will be due and what your balance will be on any given future week. This way you'll know how much you can afford, and how much you can save.

    This is a big-picture approach to budgeting. As long as your future balance isn't going negative, you are good to go!