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20 alternative and related products to Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
Wake up with a jolt of energy ready to get shit done.
20 Alternatives to Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Laptop 👩‍💻 Theft 🚨 Protection

MacBook Alarm is macOS app that will secure your laptop.

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9 Alternatives to MacBook Alarm

Turn your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock.

Wakefy is a simple, beautiful macOS app that turns your Mac or Macbook into a Spotify alarm clock ✨

It works even if your Mac is turned off.

Wakefy forces you to actually get out of bed and walk to turn off your alarm .

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If you rely on a few different alarms to get up in the morning-smart lights that blast on at a certain time, a smart speaker placed far away, and your trusty smartphone alarm-the macOS app Wakefy adds another tool to your arsenal of awakening.
8 Alternatives to Wakefy

A location-based alarm clock for your iPhone

WakeMeHere is a location-based alarm clock which wakes you up at the location of your choice.

Have you ever wished to nap in public transportation without spending your brainpower on when to get out? A location-based alarm clock is the solution. Just set your destination - WakeMeHere takes care of the worry!

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The scenario will be familiar to many: you finish up after a long day at work or after a night out on the beer, get on a late train or night bus and end up falling asleep and missing your stop.
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9 Alternatives to WakeMeHere

Smart vintage speaker & modern display

Lofree QTV Speaker is a retro tv-inspired speaker with modern functionalities. It has 2 customizable alarms, personalize it to anything you want. It’s a speaker, alarm, and timer. The Lofree QTV’s unique design and modern amenities is what makes it one of a kind.

9 Alternatives to Lofree QTV Speaker

Simple & Gentle Alarm Clock for Android

Wakey is a simple & beautiful animated alarm clock, featuring a spectacular design and an immersive experience - guaranteed to wake you up with a smile everyday!

With our smiling sunrise, and grumpy lunar animations, this is the coolest alarm clock in our solar system.

Crafted with ❤️

This app contains no ads, and is completely free

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In this story I will be giving you a quick recap of how thanks to Dribbble, the inspiration for building Wakey - our original alarm clock app - came to be. I will share how it materialized, and what it looked like through every major milestone of its development cycle. What is Wakey?
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4 Alternatives to Wakey

Save the forest without getting out of bed.

EcoAlarm is an alarm that reproduces sound using Spotify previously recorded from native endangered Argentine forests. Each time a track from our album is played, you’re generating royalties for the Fundación Banco de Bosques.

That means that when you wake up listening to nature, you’re helping to protect her, all without getting out of bed.

Download EcoAlarm to help save the forest.

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8 Alternatives to EcoAlarm

The morning school to start each day focused and motivated

Alarm - An alarm clock that ensures a personalized wake-up with a song or a coffee.
Announcements - Secure and private voice notes from personal network.
ZeroPeriod - Professional learning on your own time. Assessments for accountability.
30-Day Free Trial

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I teach an 8th grade elective class with a two week unit called "Website" that includes the following: Students will learn the design principles for creating websites. and The user experience is an important component of a successful website.
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