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2 alternative and related products to WakaTime

Metrics & automatic time tracking for programmers

2 Alternatives to WakaTime

Git analytics tool for engineering managers

The fast & visual way to understand your engineers. Waydev analyze your codebase from Github, Gitlab, Azure DevOps & Bitbucket to help you bring out the best in your engineers work.

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What is the waterfall project management methodology? Waterfall project management is a sequential, linear process of project management. It consists of several discrete phases. No phase begins until the prior phase is complete, and each phase's completion is terminal - waterfall management does not allow you to return to a previous phase.
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Alex Cîrcei is the CEO & Founder of Waydev. Alex talked to The CEO Library about how Richard Branson's writing inspired him to follow his intuition, how a book helped his Ironman training and how endurance sports are very similar to running a successful business.
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There's an ugly myth about startups. The myth is that for your software startup to succeed the founders need to have a solid technical background in fields like coding or IT. But, the truth is running a successful business takes much more than just having a technical background.
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Keeping track of a software development project often involves complex spreadsheets & hard to follow dedicated tools. If you're a Project Manager or have some other non-techie business role, you'll be hard pressed to understand what's going on. This is where Waydev can be a great help.
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