Alternative products to Vuestic Admin 2.0

5 alternative and related products to Vuestic Admin 2.0

Vuestic Admin 2.0
Build beautiful admin panel for your app
Use Vuestic Admin 2.0 as a "building blocks" to save time on developing an admin panel for your app. In V2:
- new, high quality component design independent of Bootstrap
- truly reusable components
- more pages with tables and forms
5 Alternatives to Vuestic Admin 2.0

Blended Admin is a web application that

lets you write JavaScript code that

- connects to applications or databases (eg. MySql, MongoDB, RestApi)

- does whatever you want (eg. gets a list of products)

- displays results (eg. a table with products)

Makes creation of an admin panel fast and easy.

8 Alternatives to Blended Admin

Vuetron provides an expanded toolkit to test and debug Vue.js applications. Like the Vue devtools, you're still able to see emitted events, view the entire Vuex state, and time-travel debug, PLUS subscribe to specific state props, observe API reqs/res and visualize the component hierarchy of your application all in a clean and simple interface.

7 Alternatives to Vuetron
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