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VR Desktop for Mac

Experience macOS in virtual reality

Bring your desktop into your VR reality. Boost your level of creativity and productivity with this Mac optimized Virtual Reality headset. First of a kind working with MacOS for you entertaining and work!

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Create electronic dance music (EDM) in VR 🎶

Electronauts is a VR app that lets you create electronic dance music with your friends online or on your own. It includes 40 plus tracks from your favorite artist that you can remix on the fly.

Los Angeles-based virtual reality startup Survious is getting ready to launch Electronauts, a new virtual reality (VR) app that allows users to playfully mix and remix songs in real-time. Electronauts will launch on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets on August 7, and come with remixable tracks from musicians including The Chainsmokers, ODESZA,… See more
The founders at Survios are true believers in virtual reality, and they've poured a lot of effort into the hit VR games Raw Data and Sprint Vector. Now they're switching from games to something more like an immersive music experience with Electronauts.
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VR Book Reader (alpha) is a web based application for reading digital books in beautiful and immersive VR Environments. This app will allow you to upload your books, assign a VR Environment and enjoy reading.

Alpha release: Functionalities are limited. All your books will be deleted after 30min of inactivity to conserve space.

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Your own web-centric computing space in XR

Holos is changing the way you use a computer; it's your own personal computing space in XR.

TuringVR is building a customizable alternative to the static home spaces of VR headsets. It's called holos and while the alpha testing is closed to limited number of people, the developers are planning a larger open beta for later this year.
Welcome to a new week of releases for th HTC Vive! We've got two vastly different highlights, but be sure to scour the full collection to see if there's something that catches your eye. TITAN SLAYER brings some extra flavor to the virtual brawler by asking you to be stylish and flashy while taking down massive monsters.
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Is it possible to run Oculus on a Mac?

alex kwononeminute
VR Desktop for Mac - Experience macOS in virtual reality
"Yep, Oskar made this"
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