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VR Desktop for Mac

VR Desktop for Mac alternatives and competitors

Bring your desktop into your VR reality. Boost your level of creativity and productivity with this Mac optimized Virtual Reality headset. First of a kind working with MacOS for you entertaining and work!

Top alternatives for VR Desktop for Mac

Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Firefox Reality

    A fast and secure browser for standalone virtual-reality and augmented-reality headsets.

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  • Virtual Desktop

    Use your computer in VR
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  • VR-OS

    An early prototype of an operating system that replaces monitors with a head-mounted display for a revolutionary desktop computing experience. Use mouse and keyboard to get work done, in an immersive environment that allows workflows like never before.
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  • VR Maker

    VR Maker lets you create true 360 degree virtual reality with your mobile. Get creative.

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  • The Marvel VR Headset

    The Virtual Reality headset that can replace your laptop
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  • Couch Live

    Couch Live is a virtual living room for watching TV and hanging out with friends. Generate your avatar from a selfie. Invite friends to your room with a link, and they can join your room from any device. Stream your camera, or screenshare to your Couch Live TV
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  • Hammer & Tusk

    A weekly email crafted from the VR/AR news that matters.
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  • BBC Taster VR

    VR content from the BBC to your smartphone
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  • Electronauts

    Electronauts is a VR app that lets you create electronic dance music with your friends online or on your own. It includes 40 plus tracks from your favorite artist that you can remix on the fly.

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  • Nanome

    Nanome is a free immersive nanoscale laboratory for modern VR headsets. Students, hobbyists, and Drug Designers use Nanome to visualize, edit, and simulate their research in realtime with friends and colleagues across the globe.

    I met Steve when Nanome was an art project in a VizArts lab at UCSD. Seeing this project come to fruition has piqued my interest in STEM and…

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  • VRTM

    VRTM is an animated series set in the future where I travel through time and build companies.

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  • VR Book Reader

    VR Book Reader (alpha) is a web based application for reading digital books in beautiful and immersive VR Environments. This app will allow you to upload your books, assign a VR Environment and enjoy reading.

    Alpha release: Functionalities are limited. All your books will be deleted after 30min of inactivity to conserve space.

    Nothing to add, seriously, read your book in VR!

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  • On/Office

    On/Office was created to give you some distraction-free privacy during your work. Making use of powerful Virtual Reality and Web technologies, this application offers you a customisable, virtual room where your display is streamed in front of you.
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  • Horizon Workrooms from Facebook

    Horizon Workrooms (beta) is the VR space for teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas, together. Meet teammates across the table, even if you’re across the world.
    Requires Oculus Quest 2.
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  • Holos

    Holos is changing the way you use a computer; it's your own personal computing space in XR.

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  • Feel Three

    Feel Three is an affordable, modular and customisable simulator that puts you right in the game.

    Fantastic price, fantastic possibilities. Elite Danegrous here we come! :-D (get mine next year)

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  • Vara Now

    Mobile AR app to meet, hangout, celebrate, discuss and interact in XR Worlds. Host public rooms to meet people and have discussions on topics. Or just have private meeting with friends or colleagues.
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