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6 alternative and related products to Voysis


The complete independent Voice AI platform

Voysis is an Irish start-up that develops voice-recognition tech for businesses

Currently in "demo" stage. Liked the UI, amount of linguistic engineers they have in team and idea to control UI with voice

6 Alternatives to Voysis

the #1 AI platform for analyzing enterprise voice

The richest data source about customers — their conversations — is the least accessible. Our mission is to provide easy access to customer conversations, and make voice data queryable. Our product analyzes the content of sales and support conversations and generates insights on phrases that maximize successful outcomes.

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AngelList Blog
Daria Evdokimova: It was actually fun, because we raised our venture round before YC. We had a lot less pressure than most companies that presented, so for us, it was mostly about lead generation and building credibility for recruiting.
The enterprise voice space grows hotter today as VoiceOps announces its seed round led by Accel with participation from Founders Fund and Lowercase Capital. The YC-backed startup aims to support sales teams by offering managers clear insights into what tactics are being used on the front lines.
Business Insider
While much of Silicon Valley has been consumed by the drama at Uber, tech's most valuable startup, a whole new class of companies launched in the first half of 2017 hoping to change the world, become the next unicorn - or just build a successful business.
VoiceOps is at the forefront of voice data analytics. Designed for enterprise sales teams and leveraging a form of AI (natural language processing), they've built a product that does in an hour what currently takes sales managers days - understanding what their team is actually saying on the phone.
4 Alternatives to VoiceOps

Voicera is the platform behind Eva, your Enterprise Voice AI.

Invite Eva to a meeting and Eva listens in, takes notes and identifies action items.

Following your meeting, the Voicera platform helps you organize, edit and share highlights to enable better post-meeting collaboration.

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We are excited and proud to announce that Voicera was named to the Constellation Research "Short List" for Augmented Meeting Services. Constellation Research is examining the future of work and specifically the future of meetings at work. They recognize clearly that meetings can be more productive and this is confirmation of what we've seen as ...
The Voice space is heating up quickly, in case you didn't notice. Over the last two years, the technology space has adopted voice as a core component of functionality. With voice, it's not only about what you see, but it's what you say that makes things happen.
"Meetings are the most important collaboration tool in the workplace - more so than email, IM or other collaboration systems - yet they are the most inefficient, underperforming and effectively siloed portion of our day," said Omar Tawakol, CEO and Co-Founder of Voicera.
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