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Vooiced alternatives and competitors

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Vooiced helps you keep in the loop through short bite sized audio clips from all over the world

Top alternatives for Vooiced

A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace
  • Tweet Your Voice

    2 reviews
    Tweeting with your voice is not too different from Tweeting with text. To start, open the Tweet composer and tap the new icon with wavelengths.
  • Penman

    Penman is a new and improved Notes app which uses the power of your voice, you can speak your thoughts into text, record on the fly remarks, all simply with your voice.

  • Awesome Voice Notes

    Awesome Voice Notes is a small app that allows you to record your voice memos with a simple & cool interface.

    It can transcribe your recordings automatically in a number of languages.

    All the notes are searchable by Siri. Ain't that cool?

    Use the Today Widget to launch a new recording from the lock screen.

  • Speek

    Speek lets you record and share voice notes, memos, and responses without an account. Links embed directly to Twitter, making it easy to share voice Tweets, and Speek links can also be shared on forums and embeds on websites and blogs.
  • Gist

    Gist is a voice-based social media platform empowering voice creators to share exciting stories and ideas, with rewards for Gists with the highest plays. Think Twitter for voice with a YouTube Business Model. Think Gist.
  • Stampery for iOS

    Certify voice notes, photos or files using the Blockchain
  • AnyVoice

    1 review
    AnyVoice is a social network where everyone can speak out and connect with others using only his voice (like irl but online). It is not a Clubhouse, but I am grateful to them for warming up the market.
    We help you to explore and create original voice clips 🎙
  • VoiceMe

    Send awesome voice note with cool sounds filters to friends
  • iVoiceNote 2.0

    Experience the next level of Speech Recognition AI
    -We uses Google Speech Recognition to transcribe your spoken words into text.
    - Works in your Chrome
    - Support 60+ languages
    - Fast sharing your note by creating a public URL
    - 95% accuracy
    - Free!!!!