Alternative products to Visual Caffeine by HEAVN

6 alternative and related products to Visual Caffeine by HEAVN

Visual Caffeine by HEAVN
A smart desk lamp that boosts your focus and wellbeing.
6 Alternatives to Visual Caffeine by HEAVN

A bright idea for smart home, integrated with Alexa

GE Sol is an all-in-one smart light that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa.

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If your hangup with the Echo is that it doesn't do enough, the C by GE Sol gives you a little more bang (or brightness) for your buck. Alexa is everywhere and has even started showing up in non-Amazon devices.
It seems like each day brings us closer to a future where anything and everything around us features integration with Amazon's virtual personal assistant, Alexa. Today, it's GE that inches us toward that future with a product like you've never seen before.
GE Lighting Pressroom
First lighting product integrated with Amazon Alexa now available at and Pairs the skills you'd find in an Alexa product with fun, convenient lighting features, including tunable white light, sleep-enhancing light, a visual clock, a visual timer and more Smart device also offers control of GE's C by GE connected light bulbs CLEVELAND, Oh… See more
Mashable Choice highlights the best of everything we cover, have experienced first-hand and would recommend to others. Amazon's Alexa voice assistant can no longer be contained to the company's Echo devices. From smartwatches to Echo clones like the Eufy Genie, device makers are eager to integrate Alexa voice controls into everything imaginable.
The C by GE Sol ($200) is the first lamp I've seen that fully incorporates Amazon's Alexa digital assistant. If you can get past its 1950s sci-fi aesthetic, it could be a good addition to your smart home. This goes double if you also use C by GE smart bulbs.
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Daylight constantly changes
We developed a unique time, date and GPS-driven algorithm to calculate the colour temperature and brightness of daylight. Software was supported by data selected from over a million measurements.

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The Dyson Lightcycle is a desk and floor lamp that can automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day. You can now set wake and sleep times to gradually adjust as you prepare to rise or wind down the day.
Dyson's got a very specific way of doing things. The British company makes super-high-quality products for a world where price isn't an option. Using their devices is a bit like driving a sports car for the first time. You've got no idea why someone would pay that much money for something until you...
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A smart lamp with paint your light technology

Luke Roberts produces the world's smartest lamp. With their patent pending Paint-Your-Light and directional lighting technology you can create any light scene imaginable. Controlling the lamp is possible by using the app, light switch or smart home systems.

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Innovative light design

The soft lighting of the lamp makes it perfect for reading or just to add a cozy feeling to your activity.

47 Integrated LED lights, low power cost (requires only 5V)

Energy efficient, can be powered by a computer via USB (Included)

Made of wood

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