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Relaxing alpine ambients to keep you calm

4 Alternatives to Vindora

Ambient background sounds for your Mac

Noizio is an ambient sound equalizer that helps you relax and increase your productivity when as you’re trying to concentrate on work! 🙇

Wepener van der Walt
Wepener van der Walt- Web Designer
Nozio is the calming oasis in this series of chaotic events that we call life. I wouldn't be able to function without the soothing sound of rain draining out the disruptive distractions.
Danny de Vries
Danny de Vries- Web Developer
Great alternative for music, really like to listen to some sounds while writing or reading before going to bed.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
This is my favorite of all the ambient sound makers, useful when doing focused work. Listen to crackling fire 🔥, whooshing wind 🌬, and calming 🌧 from your Mac.
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Ambient physical display that visually shows the weather

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Weather in New York is anything but predictable these days, with 60-degree days followed up by below-freezing winds. But while fluctuating temps have been irksome, we've found a fun little gadget that makes unpredictable weather a serene and beautiful thing.
Sure, you could just download a weather app to see what conditions are like outside your front door, but where's the fun in that? Ken Kawamoto's Tempescope actually creates rain, clouds, and simulated lightning right inside your house. It's the ultimate push notification.
The Tempescope is a novel device designed by Ken Kawamoto that displays the upcoming forecast by simulating weather conditions inside a small translucent box. The device is capable of downloading information about upcoming weather off the internet, which it then translates into a variety of modes to
Another very cool item hidden within CEATEC, Japan's biggest tech show, was the Tempescope. The team behind it call it "an ambient physical display that visualizes the weather, inside your living room" -- it's an elaborate lit-up box that shows you tomorrow's weather in a very classy, oddly relaxing, way.
Digital Trends
Just under a year ago, Japanese designer Ken Kawamoto took the Internet by storm when he unveiled his unique, weather-displaying Tempescope device at a trade show. It was just a prototype at the time, but the concept was so intriguing that it didn't matter - his creation was a hit before it was even finished, and it spread like wildfire on the web.
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