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18 alternative and related products to Vidra

The easiest and fastest way to make an explainer video.
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
18 Alternatives to Vidra

Promo is the easiest video maker on the market. Finally any business can create consistent quality marketing videos in less than 5 minutes. 1. Choose footage from our catalog of over 3.5 million premium clips (or add your own), 2. add professionally-edited music tracks from our library. 3. finalize with your message and logo. Done!

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R Sharma
Highly recommend.
Sam Rye
I've also heard good things about Promo recently - haven't used it yet myself.
Tovah Coldham
Great product to help you create videos you can use to on socials, websites, and landing pages to let your audience know you have a new product to offer.
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As an advisor for tech startups and a fan of any good success story, I'm always looking to learn more about the companies or products that seem to take their niche by storm. One such story is Promo, the business video creation tool made by a startup called Slidely.
The American Genius
(MARKETING NEWS) The PROMO app allows users to upload photos, video, music and create a snappy-looking product in minutes. There are plenty of competitors in this sea, but their approach is simplified and slick. The evolution of video production keeps getting more and more streamlined.
10 Alternatives to Promo

With Synthesia businesses can now create professional-looking videos at scale. Companies are using it for: 👨‍🏫️ corporate learning & communications, 👨‍💻️ personalized sales and customer success videos, 🛍️ e-commerce product videos, 🎓 e-learning and more.

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Reflecting back on this piece a year later it feels more clear than ever that we're moving towards synthetic media future. Since I wrote this article the technologies have matured, we've seen a surge in startups and most importantly synthetic media is being used everyday by both independent creators and Fortune 500 companies.
Reuters and AI-focused synthetic media company Synthesia today unveiled a prototype for the world's first automated presenter-led video sport report. The system creates a fully-programmable 'virtual' presenter by combining video footage of a human presenter with AI technology.
The recent global campaign showing Malaria survivors speaking through David Beckham to help raise awareness around the Malaria Must Die initiative spooked a lot of people: The campaign has already exceeded 400 million impressions globally. But a behind-the-scenes video explains how the video was ma...
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