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Veed - Translate Video alternatives and competitors

Make your videos accessible to a global audience by automatically translating your video online. Simply upload your video, automatically generate subtitles and then translate your video into any language you choose.
Top Veed - Translate Video alternatives
The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Translate languages in real-time on your mobile phone
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  • Nitro

    5.0★7 reviews
    Payment required
    Nitro makes product translation easier - and faster - than ever before.

    >Translate strings into 70 languages at once
    >Human translations exclusively
    >60% of translations are ready within hours
    >Easy integration with API
    >Perfect for apps, games and websites
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  • Make your videos accessible to a global audience by automatically translating your video online. Expand your reach by creating content in multiple languages, to be viewed by people from all over the globe.
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  • Mate Translate

    Translate voice and text Into 100 languages on all devices
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  • Mate is the best translator app for both instant-text-to text translations as well as speech translations. That means you can talk directly into your iPhone or Apple Watch and Mate will speak back to you in whatever language you choose.

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    Available for all platforms

  • Emoji Translate

    Turn your text into emoji automatically
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  • Cadence Translate

    U.N.-style translation on conference calls
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  • Live Translate in GoSquared Live Chat automatically translates conversations between your team and your visitors, leads, and customers.

    Live Translate is designed to be seamless and means you can focus on winning new customers and helping existing ones, without having to manually translate messages, and without having to expand globally.

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  • Hi! 👋

    With this Chrome Extension, you can save the words you look for in Google translate, and learn them in a playful way. We wanted to make the knowledge on the internet a little more accessible for everyone. :)

    Thanks! 🌎 👐

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  • Translating the world's largest lyrics catalogue
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  • Graspp

    Graspp lets you translate with your finger. The idea is simple: you just point at the word with your finger (yes, right in the book), point your phone camera and see the translation. THAT’S IT! Very simple and convenient.
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  • Auto transcribe, translate & subtitle all of your content in seconds! Share minutes and content to collaborate with your team.
    👉 Localise content: Auto translate video & audio content in 45 languages
    👉 Collaborate: share minutes & content in one place
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  • Translate by Touch

    Translate any word on your iPhone/iPad browser with a touch
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  • Speak & Translate

    Instant Voice & Text Translator with Speech and Dictionary
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  • Translate Tab

    Mac Menu Bar App For Google Translate
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  • Bubble Translate 3

    Getting a transfer has become as simple as possible. Just imagine, you no longer need to be distracted and make manipulations: Simply highlight a word or an entire text, press a combination of “hot keys” and immediately receive a translation

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  • Blanc

    Free options
    BLANC is an online tool that lets you translate videos into 47+ languages using 250+ neural voices. You can make your video understandable by 95% of the World.
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  • Mymanu Translate

    Mymanu® Translate is a uniquely designed, live voice-to-voice translation APP to help individuals and businesses communicate simultaneously in 29 different languages on a “one-on-one” basis and as a group wherever the participants are in the world.

    The group translation is unique and secured by password specifically chosen by you so you can invite who you like to join in.

    The speech-to-text system will generate a transcript of the conversation on each participant’s phone screen so you can refer to it later on. Its own proprietary speech recognition will enable you understand more than 4 billion people around the world without having to type a single word.

    Mymanu® Translate will help you create new experience and embrace new culture.

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  • Translate Now - AR

    Translate Now is the world’s first app that translates objects and text using Augmented Reality.
    Translate Now's AR-feature delivers immersive, engaging experiences that seamlessly blend virtual translations of 75+ languages with the real world.
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  • Translate Box

    Translate Box is a translation comparison and management app for Mac. It shows translation results from several famous translation services at the same time to provide optimal translations. Also, all contents of a translation can be tabulated and managed.

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