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8 alternative and related products to V for Wikipedia

V for Wikipedia
A high-class encyclopedia and an interactive travel guide

V for Wiki is a unique combination of a high-class encyclopedia and an interactive travel guide. The signature Nearby Map view highlights Wikipedia content about places in your area. A daily updated overview shows which articles are currently the most read. The app’s thoughtful typography makes reading long articles pleasant.

8 Alternatives to V for Wikipedia

Evidence based journalism, from the founder of Wikipedia

Wikitribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together.

We want to make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events. And that stories can be easily verified and improved.

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"The business models for journalism are a real challenge," Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia told us. "In particular, the advertising-only business model has been devastating for journalism, as it pushes in the direction of a race to the bottom for clicks with tempting headlines and vapid content."
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is embarking on a new online venture that the rest of us can only hope succeeds: Creating a new business model for quality journalism. To counter the flood of digital fake news, Wales, whose founding of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia stands as one of the shining successes of the internet era, has announced plans for a for-pro… See more
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Anonymous social browser

Tris is an anonymous social browser, that can revolutionize how people search browse the Internet. Tris has handled over 50 million searches to date, and collectively the makers of Tris have handled over a billion Google searches.

We were selected to SXSW as a finalist, and finalists have raised 5.5 billion dollars with 71% receiving funding.

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Ranking well on search engines in competitive industries can be a real challenge and significant investment of budget- imagine if you could hit the reset switch on things. Tris might just have the answer. I got the opportunity to interview Leo Jeremias, founder and CEO of Tris, regarding their platform and 'IKO'; Initial Keyword Offering!...
It stands for Initial Keyword Offering. One Company claims to have the browser of the future, the search product of the future the newest revolution in social media, and search and we agree. TRIS stands for The Revolution In Search, and allows you to connect with people searching the same keyword as you or browsing the same website as you.
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Instant Wikipedia summary cards on any web page

Qikipedia is a free and open source browser extension for Chrome. It allows you to highlight text from any website, and shows you a summary of the corresponding Wikipedia article, if one exists.


- Get instant Wikipedia summaries from any website

- Highlight up to 7 words

- Dark theme available

- Multiple languages supported

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Video version of Wikipedia

VideoWiki is a free multi-media encyclopedia that visualizes the sum of all human knowledge. Anyone, including you, can edit an article without even logging in.

This Beta version was launched without any front end work done on it and without the Auto-Update feature.

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Explore the software, services, and tools that Videowikipedia uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
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Find Wikipedia articles on Email and Slack with Familiar Bot

Every wikipedia article, all in one place. This bot part gives you the ability to search Wikipedia, without switching apps.

Install Familiar Bot on Slack, or send email to

Email or Slack DM: "give me a wiki for Product Hunt"

Slack mention: "@familiarbot wiki green tea"

Slack command: "/wiki Green Tea"

Happy searching!

Jason Hargrove 🌱
Jason Hargrove 🌱- Familiar Bot and sipping green tea <3
The team at @familiarHQ has used this little robot for a couple years on Slack for a few things including Wikipedia. And we've just released that skill on Slack to use for free. I like that I can rely on Fam Bee to give me the search result quickly and privately, where on the big tech search engines I may not find the result top ranked in some cases, and I a… See more
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Find the discussion around the page you're looking at!

This extension checks Reddit or Hacker News, to see if the current page is listed on their site (see video). If there is a post on one of these sites, there will be a button added to the bottom corner of the screen.

Hope it's as useful to you as it is to me!

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