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Workflows for designers driven by UX activities

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UX Assist is driven by workflows. You can work with predefined workflows or create your own by adding and rearranging activities.

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UX planning tool for creating a visual sitemap

FlowMapp is online planning tool for creating a visual sitemap that will help you effectively design and plan a better UX for your websites.

Ilya Bovkunov
One of the usefull tool for web development on planning stage — best before starting to work with designer, developer or copywriter.
Andrey Severin- CEO FlowMapp
FlowMapp is very effective for planning websites architecture and it allows all the participants in the process to cooperate with each other, which makes the workflow easier and more comfortable.
t3n News
Flowmapp hilft euch bei der Planung der Struktur einer Website. Wir haben einen Blick auf das Tool geworfen. Die Web-App Flowmapp hilft bei der Planung von Web-Projekten, indem sie euch bei der Festlegung der Seitenstruktur unterstützt. Um den Einstieg zu erleichtern, stehen euch vorgefertigte Sitemaps für verschiedene Website-Typen zur Auswahl.
En internet podemos encontrar multitud de herramientas con las que realizar prototipos y bocetos de los proyectos digitales en los que trabajamos. FlowMapp es una herramienta que permite a programadores crear un sitemap para trabajar en la planificación de la interfaz de los sitios web que estés desarrollando.
WWWhat's new? - Aplicaciones, marketing y noticias en la web
En Internet podemos encontrar multitud de herramientas con las que realizar prototipos y bocetos de los proyectos digitales en los que trabajamos. Recientemente hemos descubierto FlowMapp, una herramienta que nos permite crear un sitemap para trabajar en la planificación de la interfaz de los sitios web que estamos desarrollando.
シェアしたくなる最新のWebサービス・ITニュース情報をチェック! APPGIGA!!(アプギガ)
どうも、まさとらん(@0310lan )です! Webサイトを作る時に、ページの構成図を可視化して複数人と情報共有するときに便利なサービスが公開されているのでご紹介します! 国内では、サイト構成図、サイトマップ、サイトツリー...などと呼ばれていますが、このサービスを使えば誰でも短時間で見栄えの良いマップ図を作成できるのでオススメです! 【 FlowMapp 】 ...
Sketch Hunt
I tweeted about Flowmapp from my personal account (@jydesign) back in early October. I was excited about it then and have since been using it for a few projects. It's kind of like a mashup of an easy to use sitemap/treemap diagraming tool with Trello or Basecamp.
ferret [フェレット]
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User Onboarding

Onboarding teardowns of popular sites/services

Dan Kaplan- I craft stories that break through.
If the quality of a design is measured in its ability (or not) to reduce the friction required to achieve a desired result, then user onboarding experiences are a great place to find both positive and negative examples. While it's possible that many people who design for a living will reject this, I believe how well and simply the designed thing helps peopl… See more
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Understand your client and kick-off your new project!

Understand your client and kick-off your new project in an interactive and collaborative way. Use interactive UX method templates: interviews, problem valuations, competition analysis or even user flows. Collaborate with your clients and team members!

Once upon a time, back in 2013 I started my first serious job in a software house as a UX designer. I was really excited, and opened for new experiences. However, after couple of months in there, working and sitting, reflecting on many things, I realized how various projects were chaotic and unorganized.
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Video courses for UX/UI Designers

Learn UX is a startup aimed at both aspiring and professional UI/UX Designers with video courses on the newest and hottest technologies and tools. My aim is to change learning landscape and offer training that is quick and to the point as well as inspiring and engaging. LearnUX is going live at 2PM PST!

🇺🇸 James Brown- Growth Hacker at Several Startups <3
Check this website at the moment is very trending among people who want learn sketch.
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Appunfold 2.0

User on-boarding & self help for mobile apps

Appunfold 2.0 is a mobile adoption platform for businesses to ease on-boarding, adopt to new features and reduce training effort.

Plug & Play tool to create Progressive On-boarding, Live visual Walkthrough's & Contextual self-help for mobile Apps with NO developer's effort.

Experience live demo on your Android Device via our APK

sudhakar- Founder, Appunfold
If you are looking for a solution for Mobile apps(Android or iOS), then give a try. We are the only platform to do it seamlessly for native mobile apps. We support InApp guides with contextual help with walkthroughs, overlays, screen tours & helpcenter.
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