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11 alternative and related products to uTask

Hire a coder by having them do a real-world task

Hire a coder by having them do a real-world uTask. Pay nothing unless they get it done in 24 hours.

11 Alternatives to uTask

Company culture decks aggregated all in one place

Culture Codes is a collection of culture decks, core values, mission statements, and more from real companies. In total, these companies employ over 280,000 people around the world.

David Adamu
David Adamu- Maker. Product Designer @Andela
If you're looking to create a Culture deck for your startup, you could get inspiration from this curated list.
Kyle W. Ludwig
Kyle W. Ludwig- Co-founder, Looma 🍐
Role modeling top companies may help you define your own values
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
A lot of amazing culture resources can be found on Culture Codes. Check out the Netflix deck in particular. Certainly more deliberate decisions were made there than creating v"culture hacks".
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The American Genius
In my experience, most entrepreneurs are "accidental entrepreneurs." They happened to be good at something, or they had a unique one-time opportunity to provide a product or service to the market. Then years later, they wake up one day and realize that they're running a big business.
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Custom-built teams of creative & marketing specialists

Through it's proprietary technology, Wethos custom-builds responsive teams of exactly the right creative and marketing specialists to help meaningful brands stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

Around the web Brooklyn
Charlie O'Donnell , the founder of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures , announced Monday that he's invested in the freelancer marketplace Wethos . The site allows freelancers who want to work on projects or with companies that have a social mission to have their own labor platform online.
With the boom of tech startups and the digitization of incumbent industries, there is a talent shortage in Silicon Valley But no sector has felt that shortage more than the non-profit space. Wethos is looking to change that. The company was founded by Rachel Renock, Claire Humphreys and Kristen Abl...
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A gig-based app for freelance developers and designers

Airrand brings the gig-economy to the freelance world to make it easy for freelancers and clients to connect with each other and complete projects in a timely manner. Now, your time can be spent creating the products you've been dreaming of!

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On-demand design services. No vetting. No quoting. 🎉

DesignCue ⚡Instant is the easiest way to "get something designed." Traditionally, working with a designer is an arduous process of vetting, quoting, and signing agreements.

Not anymore! With DesignCue Instant, you can hire designers instantly to create custom projects like Presentation Templates or Social Media ads.

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I started DesignCue in 2016 after doing my taxes with Taxfyle - a network of independent CPA's with affordable pricing. I thought I had found the best idea, UBER but for designers! A unified service...
Preston Attebery's sharing economy startup DesignCue takes the work out of the process for founders who need website or app design.
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