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Product feedback made for Intercom

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Userfeed helps you connect feedback to customer data and conversations, close the loop on product updates, prioritize what to build, and share your roadmap. Built on the customer engagement platform you know & love: Intercom. With our Messenger app, you'll never have to ask your users to leave and log into another forum/app again 🙂

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Easily collect product feedback from your users.

Developers! Collect feedback from your clients & customers without the need for them to create yet another account. Easily send that data into other tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira and Visual Studio Team Services.

Developers, does this sound familiar to you... You have spent weeks building out a new website for your client and the day has come to finally send your client the development link to site! As usual, you ask them to review it and send you their feedback and any bugs they find (which seems to always be a lot!).
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Quip 2.0

Messaging + Documents. Combined in one place.

Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
Whenever I need to collab on some text, I've been using a Quip doc. Have found it to be the easiest for me. + Commenting features / history are really well done.
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What do you use to track feature requests in your product?

David HutchesonCustomer Support Manager
GitHub Team Discussions - Now there's more space to talk through your projects 💬
"We’re a very small team of three who handle everything from customer support to building the product. We offer customer support via social … See more
productboard - Beautiful product management for lean startups
"We are using Product Board at Forest Admin ( since few months and it works great for us (10+ team members). Feedback ar… See more
Leantime - Lean project management for startups & small teams
"Leantime has idea boards that you can use to collect customer request. You can then track progress by attaching milestones to these ideas."
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