Alternative products to Uptime 2.0

6 alternative and related products to Uptime 2.0

6 Alternatives to Uptime 2.0

Watch YouTube videos with friends, made by Googlers

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Uptime is a new app from YouTube that makes watching videos with friends easier. It was built by an internal incubator within Google, called Area 120. You can react to the videos like Facebook Live and chat in real time. Pretty cool, and iOS only for right now.
Marie Krog Overgaard
Marie Krog Overgaard
The UI is super fun and I'm having a last finding new videos and watching them with old and new friends ;)
Marco Paglia
Marco Paglia- @Uptime, Google
I'm bias, but I agree that it's cool :)
11 Alternatives to Uptime

Watch youtube videos in groups in realtime

Vadio is a platform that allows you to share what you are watching in youtube in real time. Share your channel link with your friends or whatever you want and the users that connect to your channel can see what you are watching in the exactly same time. Even can add videos to the playlist, chat and play with the playlist.

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