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Embeddable lead generation forms for Medium

Upscribe is a tool for building newsletter signup forms and lead generation forms that embed right into your Medium story.

5 alternative and related products to Upscribe


Get more claps and followers on your Medium articles 👏

Increase your follow & likes count with this tiny little Gif of your article.

You might have seen a GIF at the end of few medium articles which claps and follows writer's profile. Clappy generates this GIF for your own articles.

We built a semi-automated tool for this.

I will be writing an article on how this was done. Its pretty interesting.

7 Alternatives to Clappy


Collect emails within your content 📬

A click-triggered popup within blog posts will result in more signups.

The Next Thing
by Olivia O'Mahony The symbiotic relationship between writer and reader is something that has been thrown into sharp relief in recent years, thanks in a big way to the growth of online culture. However, this isn't to say that before the arrival of the internet, there existed some dark, unknowable gulf between creators and their audiences.
12 Alternatives to Treck

What is the fastest way to setup an email list?

Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Landing Pages in MailChimp - Easy to build, custom landing pages for free
"yes this works"
Ship by Product Hunt - A toolkit for makers to ship awesome products ⛵
"So meta, but Ship gives you more than a mailing list with lesser amount of effort you need to put into it :)"
Poptin - Free lead capture platform for your website

What's the best newsletter tool to use with Medium?

David SpinksCEO, CMX Media
Upscribe - Embeddable lead generation forms for Medium
"Not sure if this is quite what you are looking for but an easy way to embed a sign up form in your medium posts - then its pretty simple t… See more

Which is the best tool to embed newsletter subscription for blogs on

Felix JosemonKerala Product Hunt Ambassador
Upscribe - Embeddable lead generation forms for Medium
"This is the one that seems to be sanctioned by Medium ( and is embeddable right within your Medium post… See more
SendPulse - Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.
"This marketing tool has a subscription form builder: you can make your own form or choose one of the templates and edit it as you wish. The… See more

Looking for the easy 'Sign-up' button (was recently posted)?

Robb Millerfounder, Gnito
Upscribe - Embeddable lead generation forms for Medium
"Exactly where you're looking for. 😊 On a side note, I love that Medium opens up their platform for embedded tools like this."
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