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Uploadcare alternatives and competitors

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Robust file and image upload, storage & management utility

Top alternatives for Uploadcare

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  • Uppload v2

    3 reviews
    Uppload v2 is a JavaScript file uploading plugin with 20+ plugins to choose, edit, and upload images to any backend. It's written in TypeScript, and is free and open-source with 200+ stars on GitHub.
  • Uppy.io

    Uppy is a sleek modular file uploader for web browsers. Easy uploads to S3 or your app, file previews, progress bar, drag/drop, resumable uploads via tus.io open standard, encoding backends, React/Redux support, metadata, form encapsulation, import from Webcam/Instagram/Google Drive/Dropbox/URLs. 100% open source, backed by a company (Transloadit)

  • Uploader Window

    Add file upload capabilities to your website or projects in just 1 line of JS code! Supports direct uploading from Facebook, Dropbox, GDrive, via Link, via Image Search, Mic, Camera, Youtube, etc. You can save files directly to your S3 bucket or your Dropbox spaces account. In built image editor so users can edit, resize, apply filters to images.

  • FYI Desktop

    Search and organize all your desktop and cloud documents in one place with FYI. FYI Desktop automatically discovers the documents on your computer and lets you find them from anywhere.

  • Pixave 2.0

    2 reviews
    The ultimate image organizer for the Mac.

    this software used to work pretty well, sometimes it would hang on a process for a while, but it would work. Since the last OSX update, this…

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  • Uppy

    2 reviews

    Uppy is a sleek, modular JavaScript file uploader that integrates seamlessly with any application. It’s fast, easy to use and lets you worry about more important problems than building a file uploader.

    - Fetch files from local disk, urls, Dropbox, Instagram, or snap with a camera

    - Preview and edit metadata

    - Upload, optionally process & encode

    I will use Uppy for future projects. Right now they have the best open source project for file uploaders with great UX that don't rely on jQ…

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  • Air 2.0

    5 reviews

    Air is like Dropbox for video - a mobile/web app that lets you record & store unlimited video.

    Super slick user experience. Fair price.. thinking of moving all my videos of to Air to clear up space.. even if I have 256 GB of storage, t…

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  • Safe Pixel

    Store your images and send them to your friends securely with Safe Pixel, without having to worry of being compromised.
  • Atsumeru 2.0

    Collect, manage and share animated GIFs and reaction images
  • iPic

    Easily upload images and save Markdown links.
  • Cloud Timing

    We've created CloudTiming to help businesses to use AWS and stop wasting money for idle resources. Setup a schedule and we'll automatically start and stop your servers while you're not using them. It will save up to 60% of your cloud costs.

  • Post

    Post cancelled
  • Piic.me

    Piic.me is an image hosting website where anyone can upload images, photos or screenshots in format (JPG, PNG, GIF). Uploaded images can be previewed and each uploaded image will have a specific URL that can be shared anywhere.