Alternative products to Unsplash 5.0

Unsplash 5.0

Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.

13 alternative and related products to Unsplash 5.0

Pexels 2.0

The best free stock photos in one place

Pexels is a search engine for free stock photos you can use today. This should be your go-to destination when searching for a photo for your next project, or anything.

Jack Dweck- Product Manager at Unroll.Me
This is pretty handy. Pulls in free images from a variety of sources.
Renee Sandefur-
This and Pixabay are my go to. Big inventory, free, high ress.
Yigit Pinarbasi- Designer & Design Lead @epcsht
You can find awesome hi-res photos for your background here. ✌🏼
Bruno Joseph- Web Devloper
Hey there Product hunt! We've just launched Pexels 2.0. It's nothing like one year ago as we posted it on PH. With this step we want to become an even better and free alternative to the traditional and paid stock photo sites like Getty Images, Shutterststock and co. With Pexels 2.0 it is even easier to find free stock photos. Many great new additions help … See more
Finding a high quality stock photo for free used to be quite the chore -- there were very few options available, and the inventory that was available was marginal quality at best. Oh, how the times have changed. Now, there are so many free stock image websites that it can be overwhelming, to a degree.
Pexels started a year ago and has since evolved to a huge database with a lot of amazing free stock photos. To grow Pexels even further they had recently rewrote the whole application and released Pexels 3.0. You can like photos to save them for later and to motivate the photographer.
22 Alternatives to Pexels 2.0


Beautiful, free stock photos

Ramesh Ghimire- CEO @ Doctual
Best quality free images, clean website
Marc Chouinard- Co-founder,
Hey guys! I'm the co-creator of StockSnap. I'd love to hear your suggestions and/or feedback on the site. Thanks for all the love!
24 Alternatives to StockSnap

Stock Up 2.0

The best free stock photos in one place

Alin Vlad- CMO, CyberGhost
There are tons of free stock photos websites. I would use a search engine as Stock up, to do searches on all of them.
Steve Benjamins- Founder, Site Builder Report
One thing I would love feedback on: Do you prefer auto-correct? Auto-correct can be handy (ie: "lagh" displays results for "laugh" right now) but it can also be confusing (ie: "coach" displays results for "couch" right now).
10 Alternatives to Stock Up 2.0


Artistic wallpapers from Unsplash & hipster shapes

Orsi Kurdi- freelance marketer
This is a very cool live wallpaper app with Unsplash and 500px photos and cool fragment shapes. Will make your Android look cool 😊
Orsi Kurdi- freelance marketer
I use HPSTR Mac app, it mixes pretty nice fragment designs with Unsplash photos 💕
Orsi Kurdi- freelance marketer
What I really loved and still using is HPSTR app. The idea is simple and minimal, the app gives a new artistic wallpaper to your phone from Unsplash every day with a geometric fragment shape (looks nice in my opinion :) ) and you can sync the wallpaper with your Mac as well. I'm always looking forward to see what photo will be the next!
5 Alternatives to HPSTR

The Pixabay Mobile App

Almost a million free images at your fingertips - anywhere!

Simon Steinberger- CEO and main developer,
Hey everyone! We proudly announce the release of our official Pixabay mobile app for Android and iOS - almost one million quality CC0 image at your fingertips, anywhere you go! Some key features of the app: * The app is completely free with no distracting ads * Blazingly fast search and a user-friendly interface * Swipe through search results * One-click i… See more
2 Alternatives to The Pixabay Mobile App

Find beautiful free stock photos from Unsplash in Slack

Chris Calmeyn- Co-founder of Scout
Thanks, @gillianim! Slack is creating an incredible, versatile platform. The primary reason I built this was simply to learn more about how it works. Unsplash is the first resource I visit when I'm looking for a royalty free photo. Slash Photo is a side/learning project that brings together two products that I love and solves a simple need. For those … See more
6 Alternatives to

What are the best apps to up my Instagram game?

Sagar HonakeriEngineer at Nonspec, Startup enthusiast
Instavast - Cloud-based app to automate activities on Instagram
"Some important Instavast features: 1. Three days free trial: Instavast team kindly offers you a three days trial for free. You can use this… See more
VSCO Cam - The standard in mobile photography
"I know VSCO is mostly an editor, but they have a a great community and gallery that should give you some solid ideas and inspiration for st… See more

Where do you find your desktop backgrounds?

Nick Abouzeid 🕴Social & Ship at Product Hunt
Unsplash 5.0 - Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.
"Unsplash is my first choice for wallpapers when I want environment based scenery on my desktop."
HPSTR - Artistic wallpapers from Unsplash & hipster shapes
"I use HPSTR Mac app, it mixes pretty nice fragment designs with Unsplash photos 💕"
Irvue - Gorgeous wallpapers on your Mac
"I love this app and don't know what I'd do without it. Highly recommend for the lazy wallpaper lover"

What websites do you have bookmarked?

Gabriel Lewis🤔
Medium 2.0 - A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward
"Read many cool articles there :)"

What are the best free resources for startups?

Hiten ShahCrazy Egg, Quick Sprout & Draftsend
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"Slack is a great tool to increase team efficiency and getting updates from team members. Although, I recommend a great slack application ca… See more
Taskade - A minimal and sharable task list.
"Extremely simple to start a list and collaborate with your team on tasks. Very pretty too."
Trello - Organize anything, together
"best organizing feature"
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