Alternative products to Unspent

12 alternative and related products to Unspent

Track your spending money. Keep it simple.
12 Alternatives to Unspent

Know where your money goes. Spending tracker for iPhone.

The fast & simple way to know where your money goes.
🔌 Connect with your bank(s)
💡 See all your spending at a glance
⚖️ Check account & card balances
There's more too; monthly statements, daily averages, Face ID login, and it's all encrypted end-to-end.

Rating and price
5 Alternatives to Rollie

Capture and score your ideas, then budget time for them!

Scoreboard was born from pain points of makers that have tons of ideas but no decision framework for what to work on next.

Scoreboard aims to solve this problem by individually scoring each idea based on a simple criteria. Then pushing the highest scoring ideas to the top of the priority queue! Shoot your shot!

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Indie Hackers
Scoreboard was born from my own pain points of always having tons of ideas but no way to decide what to work on next. Furthermore when I did capture my idea I'd sometimes put it wherever I could (keynote, notes app, Evernote, 10 different notebooks I got from conferences, etc.)
6 Alternatives to Scoreboard

Stick to your New Year’s money resolutions

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching a Spendee bot. His name is Dollar 💲 and his main goal is to help you stick to your New Year’s money resolutions. You can select whether you want to save money, spend less or reduce your debt and Dollar will send you tips, reminders, and suggestions with actionable steps.

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We're excited to welcome a new virtual member of Spendee family. His name is Dollar and his job is to help you with your money. He knows a bunch of things about Spendee app and its features as well as about personal finance management.
5 Alternatives to Dollar, the Spendee bot

Simple view of your available cash and budget

Daniel Lopes
Daniel Lopes- CTO @knowyourcompany
Not really for management but to keep track of things.
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell- Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat
Always loved the UI of this one
Brian Sewell
Brian Sewell
The app is really nice and does a good job categorizing your expenses, but most importantly, letting you know how much you've burnt through so far each month.
12 Alternatives to Level Money
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