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6 alternative and related products to Unmailto

Magically copy mailto links & block the email client
Nothing is more frustrating than clicking an email address in your browser and it opens the email client. That’s why we made Unmailto a free chrome extension that makes mailto links copy-able, just exactly how they should be.
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
6 Alternatives to Unmailto

MailtoUI.js is an open source JavaScript library that enhances your mailto links with a convenient user interface. It gives your users the flexibility to compose a new message using a browser-based email client or their default local email app.

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Mario Rodriguez - A software engineer, indie maker, and consultant building useful things on the web.
6 Alternatives to MailtoUI.js

Whenever you click on an email link, this Chrome & Firefox extension will copy the email address on to your clipboard & block the email client from annoyingly interrupting you.

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Los que utilizamos macOS hemos padecido en muchas ocasiones la siguiente situación: hacemos click (queriendo o sin querer) sobre una dirección de correo electrónico e inmediatamente se abre Apple Mail. Si no utilizas ese cliente de correo y no quieres perder más tiempo esperando a que se cargue la aplicación para poder cerrarla, quizás te interese conocer má… See more
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Je pense que je préfère me taper le petit orteil dans un pied de table basse. Non vraiment. L'affaire est insupportable et déclenche des accès de rage assez irrationnelle. Le pire c'est que ça ne m'est absolument pas propre.
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