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Unhook.app helps control your smartphone addiction by replacing a bad habit with a good one.

For each category of apps, set a daily time limit. When time's up for the day, you can simply take a walk to gain access. Every 100 steps gets you 10 mins of time back.

Turn your unhealthy scrolling habit into a healthy strolling one!

Top Unhook alternatives
The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵
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    This is amazing so for. It really keeps me going on my task t hand and let me leave my phone totally alone. The idea of growing something (f…

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  • We all know and hate the guilty feeling we get when we procrastinate. With Time 2, that feeling is a thing of the past. To use the app, you add a task like "Tweak Sketch mockups, 30 minutes.” & a brightly colored timer counts down as you work. This timer helps you feel a slight twinge of pressure so you get your work done.

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    I wish there were a few more options for organizing completed items or moving items around. For example, I accidentally left an item runnin…

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  • Introducing the brand new features in Forest 4.0:

    1. Plant together: plant a tree with your friends. If anyone uses his/her phone, everyone's tree will die.

    2. Forest timeline: track every moment of your planting journey.

    3. Phone usage: keep track of the time you spend on your phone each day.

    4. iPad support

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    I really love this app, been using it for years. Love the group sessions feature, really helps when using the app in revision sessions. Can'…

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  • Unplug

    Track your iPhone usage & digital detox with Gamification
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  • RescueTime’s new iOS and updated Android apps help you understand and control the time you spend on your phone so you can build healthier habits and focus on doing more of the things you love.

    - Automatically track your screen time

    - Set custom screen time goals and get alerted when you go over

    - See how your screen time impacts your focus

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    Been a paying customer for the last 8 years, great product. One of the few apps that I'm more than willing to pay for.

  • We all feel under pressure these days - we lack control over our time.

    Smarter Time is a mobile Artificial Intelligence that gives you time back for what really matters. Imagine if you could have proper self-knowledge, then the power to make the change you need.

    What would you do with one more hour every day? Let’s make 2018 the year you find out!

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    I have been using one or another time tracking app for years, this one is by far the easiest and best to use.

    As I said There should be ways …

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  • The cute app that you use when you don’t want to use your phone and get stuff done ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    I'm using the app daily to stay away from my phone during work hours and love to even challenge my friends by doing it

  • Omnistat 2

    The missing iOS Activity Monitor.
    View all your device technical stats, track your Wi-Fi and cellular data usage, predict how long your battery will last...
    All of that in a clean and intuitive application and also available from any app thanks to the widgets.
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  • not less but better is the digital wellbeing app that helps you become resilient to digital distraction. Learn healthy phone use with 5 minutes of practice a day and feel in control again. Developed by psychologists, backed by science, and proven to work.
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  • OffScreen 2.0

    OffScreen 2.0 has a major update to help people focus on what matters when you working/studying from home. Less screen time can reduce your anxiety obviously. Pomodoro timer, Focus data analysis, Screen time calendar... and many more can improve your workflow
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  • Intermission for Mac

    Free options
    Intermission is a simple app that helps you look away from your screen periodically. It's based on the 20-20-20 rule (every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds) but can be adjusted to your liking with multiple customizations.
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  • TimesApp

    TimesApp helps you in managing the time you spend on your phone by setting time limits on applications.


    • Simple and Minimal UI inspired by Material Design

    • Elegant in-app tutorials to help you get started

    • Preferences for default time limit duration etc.

    • Small App Size: Less than 2MB

    • No Ads: Absolutely Free to Use

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  • ScreenZen

    We all use our phones more than we should and setting app time limits doesn’t work. We just override it and get back to scrolling.
    ScreenZen for iOS uses rewards, gamification and awareness to help you build a balanced relationship with your phone that lasts.
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  • PhoneCell

    Payment required
    PhoneCell has a simple and elegant design to fit your interior. You can place it in sight to initiate conversations about (over)abundant use of smartphones.
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  • iDetox

    Digitally detox your eyes
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