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Udacity Nanodegrees alternatives and competitors

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Top Udacity Nanodegrees alternatives
Your all-in-one product research platform
  • Flockjay gives diverse jobseekers the tools and training they need to break into tech, without code. Students in our online sales academy receive coaching from world-class experts, join a community of mentors, and pay nothing until hired.

    The team behind Flockjay is world class. Kelly’s insight into the field combined with her mentorship has made a huge impact in my own career…

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  • Top UX School

    As a UX designer who initially broke into the UX field through trial and error, I built this site to help people who are new to UX to find UX programs that are suitable for them.

    Yes, attend a design school and learn design/research methods. Because, you know what is worse than "no data"? It's "bad data". An experienc…

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  • Curious

    15,000 lessons in tech, biz, DIY and more. Grow your skills.
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  • Mimir Classroom

    Mimir Classroom is a CS course platform that can can support programming courses in dozens of languages including Assembly and COBOL. Everyday thousands of students submit their code into Mimir to receive automated feedback in just a few seconds. The platform has helped a number of universities modernize and scale their CS programs.