Alternative products to UberStats

6 alternative and related products to UberStats

Visualize statistics on your years of Uber rides!

Analyses your full uber ride history for interesting statistics. This includes:

* Total spent, in all currencies

* Favorite locations

* # Rides by year, month, and car model

* Total distance traveled

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6 Alternatives to UberStats

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Uber and Lyft are pretty convenient when it comes to driving services. So convenient that you might not realize how much you're actually spending on rides. collects your Uber and Lyft receipts to give you a visualization of how much you're really spending, along with how far you've traveled and for how long.
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Search for ride sharing cities in a city or country

A simple app that allows you to search for a city and it if that city has ride sharing providers.

It currently looks for:

* Uber

* Cabify

* Taxify

* Lyft

* Go-jek

* myTaxi

* Chauffeur Prive

* Beat

* Blacklane

* Gett

* Taksini

* Taksi Helsinki

* Lady Driver

* 99 Pop

* Careem

* Yandex Taxi

* Pathao

* Grab

* Heetch

Any more are always welcome :)

5 Alternatives to Is There Uber In?

How much you spent on Uber and a leaderboard

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Ever wondered how many Uber rides you've taken since the app launched? What about how much money you've spent on those Uber rides? And what if there was a way to see how you stacked up compared to other Uber customers?
4 Alternatives to Uber Stats
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