Alternative products to Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

List of websites and whether or not they support 2FA

6 alternative and related products to Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Hydro Mobile App

Free, instant, scalable, blockchain-based 2FA security; beta

Hydro is a blockchain-based identity management app. The app's current phase, Raindrop, offers users a blockchain-based 2FA protocol. Later phases include identity management and document signing blockchain functionality.

**Please reach out if you are interested in implementing blockchain 2FA on your website!**

We are in the final stages of testing and QA on the new Hydro Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) app. The video below has some behind the scenes footage of the functionality! We still have some secrets that you will see when the app hits stores in a few weeks.
The Merkle
We hear a lot about wallets and exchanges being hacked. And about ICO scams and unfortunate investors waking up to zero balances. Investing in the crypto space is scary. The prospect of losing money is scary. But what about losing data?
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Dead simple two-factor authentication optimized for devs

Gabriel Ribeiro- PC Maintenance Tech
Excellent indeed, I love to use this on all my devices.
Syed Irfaq R. ⚡️- Founder & CEO, Lukonet
This is much better than Google Authenticator and it's cross-platform/device as well. Keeps everything synced properly.
David M.- Disabled Gamer/Tech Blogger
It allows syncing between mobile and desktop devices, which is much more versatile than the basic Google Authenticator.
6 Alternatives to Authy
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