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Twitter Live

Twitter replaces TV. Watch live events and tweet w/ friend.

10 alternative and related products to Twitter Live

Target Your Competitor

Tweet your product to all the followers of your competitor.

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8 Alternatives to Target Your Competitor

Facebook Live

Connect with public figures through live video

Sam Rye- Founder
Facebook Live is a pretty cool tool for hosting more interactive versions of what we would once have called 'webinars' or the likes. It's less formal, and has greater reach, which is good if you want to run a fairly open community (or an open portion of it), but obviously not so great if you want to preserve anonymity to your users.
15 Alternatives to Facebook Live


Read the best stories and knowledge from Twitter

With Threader:

🌟 discover a great selection of threads

👀 open them in a well-designed single view for a smooth reading

🔖 bookmark and read later

📖 use our extension to display a thread directly from Twitter

1/ 🗣 A few words about @_thrdr. A few months ago, I noticed that threads are more and more popular on Twitter 📈
9 Alternatives to Threader


Restrict tweets to 140 characters

140 is a Chrome plugin to restrict your tweets to 140 characters—and truncate all tweets in your feed to that same perfect length.

Lifehacker Australia
Chrome: I liked Twitter better when everyone got 140 characters. That's the whole point of Twitter: Brevity, concision, a strong editorial hand on the tiller. So I was not at all pleased to see the company's announcement that all users now get 280 characters, which I believe will encourage a certain sloppiness in expression - a slippery slope straight down i… See more
Twitter's maximum tweet length has finally been raised to 280 characters. For some users, this is super exciting. For others, it's the worst thing ever to hit the Internet. If you're in the latter category, you're in luck.
The Next Web
There's plenty of debate going on about whether Twitter's decision to double its character limit from 140 to 280 is a good thing. Until we come to a consensus, you can clear your feed of those rambling tweets with a handy little browser extension. It's called 140, and it's made by the good folks at Slate.
Some people are really, really against Twitter's 280 character tweets. The list includes one Iggy Azalea, the Chrissy Teigen and a Steven King. But if you also really miss living in 2006, there's a Chrome extension that might help.
It was a sad day for Twitter purists, dismayed that the 140-character limit restricting users on the social media platform to crisp, succinct posts had been doubled to a gaudy 280. And they have been expressing their outrage - how else? - with short tweets and hashtags like #140forlife.
Slate Magazine
While Slate's Will Oremus is on the record as believing Twitter's move to 280 characters for all users is great, it's nonetheless been a shock Tuesday night to see huge tweet after huge tweet scrolling down my timeline. Users, of course, are stretching their wings in the new 280-character sky, and the result is a real mess.
4 Alternatives to 140


Prevent Twitter from over-compressing your images

Twitter recently made it so that any tweeted image gets a ton of ugly JPEG compression added to it... The exception is, if you upload a picture with transparency in it. This app takes any image you drop on it, and gives it back to you as a PNG with one pixel at 99% opacity, which is enough for Twitter to consider it "a transparent image".

8 Alternatives to Twitimagefix
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