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4 alternative and related products to Tweet Reminder

Tweet Reminder
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For every time you see a tweet and want to follow up. Set a reminder.

4 Alternatives to Tweet Reminder

Memento is a modern take on everyday reminders. The interface is optimized to be fluid and simple, allowing you to easily keep track of what's important. You can create lists to help organize your reminders, and add time or location alerts to make sure you don't forget them.

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Originally landing in 2017 as Reminder, the app has consistently added new features to rival Apple's built-in app. With version 3.0, the app is now known as Memento. And that's far from the only change. The best addition is a great Apple Watch app.
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Canadian developer Mark DiFranco has updated this Reminder app and re-branded it as Memento. This latest 3.0 update now includes an Apple Watch app with full complication support, support for Siri Shortcuts, an iMessage app, automatic dark mode and more.
Apple's Reminders is one of the few native iOS apps with a database that can be directly tapped into by third-party clients. Like the iOS Calendar app, which has no shortage of alternatives on the App Store, developers can create their own task managers that fully integrate with your Reminders database, offering the convenience of [...]
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9 Alternatives to Memento 3.0 (Formerly Reminder)

Social alarm clock and reminders

Galarm is an innovative alarms and reminders app with a social spin! It enables you to rely on your friends-n-family to include them in your alarms to make sure you don't miss anything important.

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Some of us, and I'm not naming any names, are notorious for oversleeping. And I get it. Sometimes it's just hard to get yourself out of that comfortable bed. Well, we've found an alarm app with a unique spin to help curb that bad habit.
Galarm is een sociaal alternatief voor een alarm. Je kan op een handige manier een alarm instellen voor je vrienden, familie of zelfs je collega's. Bij het alarm zelf kan je een chat opstarten zodat je duidelijke afspraken kan maken. Zo wordt een alarm een stukje socialer.
Most of us rely on alarm clocks everyday to stay on top of our busy lives. From waking up in the morning, to taking medicines on time, to not being |
Alarms are usually only a social affair when more than one person is in the room where one is going off but Acintyo, Inc.'s new app, Galarm, is looking to toss that notion on its head. That's because, unlike most other apps in the category, Galarm is not just a way for its primary user to wake up in the morning.
Galarm - group alarm - is a very simple sounding app that is actually surprisingly useful. As the name suggests, this is a social alarm clock - you can set the alarm for yourself, and others you're sharing the alarm with will be able to see if you turned it off, or they could set an alarm for you.
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