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Tutorial Hunt alternatives and competitors

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Product Hunt for tutorials.
Top Tutorial Hunt alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Hackr.io

    Hackr.io makes learning to code easier and fun. Using Hackr.io, you can:

    - Find the best online programming course/tutorial for the language you want to learn. All the tutorials are submitted and voted by the programming community, so you get the best recommendation.

    - Find your programming buddy & learn any programming language/framework together.

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  • The best resources for learning programming and design
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  • Tutset

    Curated list of the best programming tutorials on the web.
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  • Nerdify Bot

    First AI-powered tutor bot for Facebook Messenger
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  • Gooroo is a subscription tutoring platform that matches students to tutors in a way that considers students' unique needs. We also make it easy to keep learning and improving on 300+ subjects through convenient scheduling, payment, and feedback.
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    Just a great solution for someone looking to gather support and find the right person to help... no matter what it is!

  • Wooclap revolutionises the learning and teaching process by increasing student engagement and participation during classes.

    Wooclap has just raised €1.4 million to better captivate students and revolutionise education!

    πŸŽ‰ Wooclap is FREE for K-12 SCHOOLS starting September 2018!!!

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    I use Wooclap for all my trainings and I always get the "woo" effect. Students love it!

  • Aibo

    Aibo is a not for profit AI powered chatbot built to teach you the basics of MBA in less than a day. It does this via quizlets and resources curated from the best places around the web. In addition, there will soon be a facebook group to build a better platform for co-learning.

    Please consider an upvote for my very first product and donate too!

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  • Since web development is an ever changing field, it's important to keep up to date with the newest changes and frameworks. So with this in mind, at ranktutorials you get to see everyday a new tutorial from UX design to the latest javascript frameworks. The idea is to be able to learn something new everyday!

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    So far I've used it a couple of days and I'm really happy. It does what the name says, you can upvote tutorials so other people get to see t…

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  • BigTube

    Big Tube is a simplified way of watching full-screen videos from YouTube. It is incredibly useful if you are watching tutorials. It embeds the video in the browser, so any sort of shifting between tabs, minimizing or maximizing will be done easier and much smoother.

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  • Tutorbloc

    Trusted by 1,000+ parents and funded by Innovate UK, Tutorbloc streamlines the end-to-end lesson booking process and builds a powerful one-stop shop for verified tutors.
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  • PHP News

    App for PHP programming language that keeps you updated with latest PHP news and articles from top PHP developers & blogs. Being up-to-date with language of choice is crucial to become a better developer by learning what is hot, trending & best practices.
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  • Qigu Check

    Build customized learning scenarios and engaging quizzes in a few clicks. This simple tool allows you to share quick and easy-to-understand lessons to learners, while testing their knowledge and collecting data on how they perform.
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