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Tunnel Vision

See your next Trello tasks every time you open a browser tab

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Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts.

Papis is a Chrome extension to take notes.

Roie Ambulo- Front-end developer in the making.
Clean, and distraction-free way to take notes in style.
Mukul Gupta- Product Manager, Browserstack
Great for noting something down quickly as it's always one tab away. It supports markdown as well I often paste the notes worth saving from Papier onto Apple Notes for longer term storage.
Crystal Chen- Community Manager, Quire
It is super quick and handy. I never have a thought or idea forgotten ever again.
Audrey Labuxiere- Co-founder & Developer @Muxu.Muxu
Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming and the awesome feedbacks on Papier :-) We are a small tech team based in Bordeaux and we hope to launch new cool apps very soon for you!! Don't forget to follow us here:
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With Momentum, you can enjoy a customized dashboard. It will boost your motivation and creativity during the day by inspiring you with custom backgrounds, photos, fonts, to-do list availability and many widgets you will love. Upgrade your dashboard with Momentum!

Ben Lang- Spoke
Minimalistic and helps you focus
Amaël Sikel- Social Media & SEO Manager at Genymobile
I've been running this one since forever. Often changed to try others but they never appealed me enough on the long run.
David Woodland
I really like this extension because 'New Tabs' are beautiful. It also let's you set 1 to-do item at a time, that you are subtly reminded of every time you open a new tab.
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Paws for Trello 2.0

The best way to use Trello on your desktop

Milosz Falinski- Product Designer
Hello Product Hunt! Paws is a desktop app for Trello. It's great if you like your Trello away from your browser, and we've added a lot of extras on top of an already great product! 🐾 Paws for Trello has been hunted on our initial release in August 2016. We've improved it continuously for the past 6 months and in version 2.0 we finally introduce Quick Add … See more
3 Alternatives to Paws for Trello 2.0

StandupScreen for Trello

Turn a magnetic whiteboard into an interactive Trello board

Rafael Morgan- Product Manager @ N-Dream AG
Hi PH! We've been using this for a while now at AirConsole and today we decided to make StandupScreen available for everybody. is a free tool that lets you turn any whiteboard into an interactive Trello board using computer vision. We always wanted a dynamic tool that would enable us to interact with our Trello cards during our daily standu… See more
2 Alternatives to StandupScreen for Trello

Hello Epics for Trello

Simplify your Trello board with parent/child relationships

Hello Epics is a Power-Up for Trello that lets you group cards with parent-child relationships without downloading or installing browser extensions. Quickly see how cards are related, identify work streams, and better track a project’s overall progress—all within Trello’s existing interface.

Sometimes plans and projects get big. So big, in fact, that you start to lose perspective on all of the moving parts and how they relate to each other. Another important aspect that gets lost in the mix as projects scale is which Trello cards depend on other cards before they can move forward.
Substantial | Digital product studio in Seattle
Introducing Hello Epics, our new Trello power-up that allows you to create cards with hierarchical relationships.
4 Alternatives to Hello Epics for Trello
Fred Rivett- Co-founder & @wecontrast
Hey all, one half of the team behind FlashTabs here. This is our second product of #SixBySix (six projects in six months) after HowsItGoin ( We're building in public for the six months, you can read about how we built 90% of this in 48 hours here: The idea behind FlashTabs is to allow… See more
4 Alternatives to FlashTabs


Manage tasks and priorities in Chrome New Tab

Allen Yang- Student, formerly Product @ Yipit
FYI, the latest update switches how your priority lists are stored. The bad news is that this will reset your priorities (once). The good news is that they will now sync across Chrome browsers, for all those who use multiple devices!
1 Alternatives to Prioritab
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