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Tuck alternatives and competitors

Tuck allows you to dock windows to the edge of your screen and automatically show when your cursor hits the screen edge.
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  • Magnet keeps your workspace organized. Activated by dragging, customizable keyboard shortcuts or via menu bar, Magnet declutters your screen by snapping windows into organized tiles.

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    This is one of the first apps I install on Mac. Using keyboard shortcuts to manage the size of windows is amazing, the kind of thing macOS s…

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  • If you want to stay organized and productive, Magnet for Mac is the perfect solution! It will help you with the application switching as it makes windows into tiles on your screen. You can multitask, compare information between the apps or just keep everything nice, simple and easy.

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    I love this product - the *only* thing I liked about Windows was the ability to snap my windows in to place on my desktop. Magnet adds the …

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  • Move and resize windows with ease. Spectacle provides window control with simple and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

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    I like this tool. It's simple, free and doesn't get in your way. You just set the hotkeys you want to use and manage your windows with comfo…

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  • Bartender 2

    If you want to reorganize your menu-bar apps, Bartender 2 has some cool features to share with you. It can help you rearrange, hide applications or just simplify your menu bar.

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  • LayAuto

    A window management tool :

    · Auto Layout

    · Workspace Setup

    · Window control

    · Desktop control

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  • By slide in and slide out, Slidepad brings iPad style multitasking to your Mac. Using Slidepad is as easy as using your dock.
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  • Better Window Manager

    A tiny window management app for the Mac
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  • uBar 4 is the Dock replacement for the Mac. It can be configured as a dock, task bar, or anything in between. Boost your productivity with the most advanced and versatile app and window manager for the Mac.

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    And my dock has disappeared, even after i've removed uBar :/

  • Moves makes it easier than ever to position your windows *juuust* right.
    Just hold down your chosen modifier keys and move the mouse. No need to fiddle with 3px wide window edges or far way title bars.
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  • You have a lot of applications running and a bunch of windows open. Finding and switching takes a lot of time, which you could spend at work, family, or leisure. ActiveDock can help you become more productive with macOS and save you time.
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  • Autumn

    Personalize your Mac experience by writing custom JavaScript to automate many things, including managing your windows, in a fun explorable IDE-like environment with built-in documentation

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  • When Mac several applications are running, with many windows open, it is difficult to manage the chaos and to work productively.

    WindowSwitcher provides several tools to quickly switch and manage Mac desktop windows.

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  • Simple Mac window management
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  • Stack WM

    Efficiently organize your windows.
    1. Choose a layout or create your own
    2. Quickly move windows around
    3. Let them take their places automatically
    4. Group windows with tabs
    5. Enjoy tidiness and space efficiency
    6. Add cool widgets
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