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Trump CNN
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9 Alternatives to Trump CNN

Urge the FCC to keep strong Title II Net Neutrality rules was popularized by John Oliver on May 7th, 2017 in response to threats against Net Neutrality. The campaign was a success in driving millions of people to express their concerns on the topic.

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During the May 7 episode of "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver introduced a website he created called It directed users to the FCC website, where they could leave comments urging the FCC chairman to uphold net neutrality. The campaign turned out to be a big success and more than a million people commented on the FCC website.
Back in 2014, John Oliver went up to bat against the Federal Communications Commission for not doing enough to protect net neutrality - and won. So can he do it again this year? Oliver spent the majority of Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight going...
In Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight," Oliver revisited the issue of net neutrality amid threats of rollbacks. The host encouraged his viewers to visit the FCC site and leave comments in favor of strong net neutrality rules. And to make it easier, he offered a shortcut to the commission's comment form through the domain
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Once again, John Oliver and the team at Last Week Tonight crashed the FCC website. Here's how they did it: When net neutrality rules were unde
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Declare things illegal and Trump will sign it! 🚫

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After President Trump made it illegal to enter the U.S. from seven Muslim countries, people are having fun imagining what he could prohibit next. Ivan Seidel, Bruno Lemos, and João Pedro's site helps you create GIFs of Trump presenting orders forbidding whatever you want, New York Magazine reports.
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Join the Donald Trump meme fun with a project on GitHub that lets you craft the executive-order text you want him to sign.
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Donald Trump has been president for nearly two weeks now, but it seems nobody has bothered to stop and teach him about what happens when famous people hold up signs ... or in his case, a never-ending string of executive orders, proclamations, and presidential memoranda.
President Donald Trump has signed a flurry of executive orders 19 to be exact - since he was inaugurated on Jan. 20 on issues such as immigration, infrastructure and healthcare. But if none of those satisfied your needs (or you have an alternative position on the president's policies), an online generator now allows you to draft your own executive order with… See more
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President Flip Flops is a new line flip flops designed to let Americans celebrate Trump’s tendency to go back on his word.

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President Donald J. Trump is not short of contradictory statements and one fashion brand is capitalising on that fact. A website called President Flip Flops is selling slides with some damning Twitter evidence of Trump's... flip-flopping. The best part, aside from the tweets imprinted on the front of the slide, is the slogan: "Going back on your word, one st… See more
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A new line of presidential flip flops has been launched allowing Americans to celebrate Trump's tendency to go back on his word. The flip flops include tweets from his infamous profile which contradict each other, with
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A range of flip-flops in the US are highlighting some of President Donald Trump's most contradictory statements. The products feature examples of tweets showing him changing his mind on Syria, the Electoral College and anonymous sourcing. Some of the profits are going to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has launched legal challenges against k… See more
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