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9 alternative and related products to TrueCaller 8

TrueCaller 8
Search and identify any phone number
9 Alternatives to TrueCaller 8

Global phone number validation and lookup API

NumVerify offers a full-featured yet simple RESTful JSON API for international phone number validation & information lookup for 232 countries around the world. Requested numbers are processed in real-time, cross-checked with international databases.

9 Alternatives to Numverify

Free your phone from spam calls 🤖

Castle blocks neighbor spoofing robocalls instantly, simply enter the first 6 digits of the phone number and it's done, no need to access your contacts.

At best, these calls annoy. At worst, they defraud to the tune of $20 billion a year just in the us. We're here to use an algorithmic approach to combat this epidemic.

Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas Sheriff- Founder, Medic Ventures
It's the only robocall blocker that blocks neighbor spoofing calls, and has a more algorithmic approach to blocking around rules so you can dynamically block thousands of calls and not about blocking numbers individual numbers.
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15 Alternatives to Castle

India's first AI powered SMS inbox

Kyte is a smart SMS app that blocks spam and automatically organizes your inbox. It is intended for the Indian market where SMS is the primary mode of communication for finance and commerce transactions and 60% of messages are spam. SMS alerts usage in India has exploded over the last three years and spam is an unsolved problem.

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15 Alternatives to Kyte 2.0

Block all calls not in contacts 🤚

Don't let spam or robo calls interrupt you anymore. Avoid them with Contacts Only, a free call blocker app that only lets in calls from your contacts. The big green button lets you know the app is on and working, automatically blocking unknown numbers.

For Android, Contacts Only. It automatically blocks all numbers that aren't in your contacts without having to add numbers to a block list or black list. It's so easy!
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7 Alternatives to Contacts Only

Figure out who to trust by looking at a social credit score

Have you ever gotten scammed on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Reddit etc.? No more. Credo360, the Social Credit Score, lets you know whom to trust by measuring trustworthiness across multiple platforms, making your transactions easier, safer, and more efficient.

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If the title of this post was "Who should own your reputation?", it would have made for a very short and boring read. You should own it - period. But we are not into writing short and boring posts -...
Microsoft Customers Stories
Credo360 launched an innovative user reputation and peer-to-peer review platform in the Microsoft cloud. By running familiar technologies including the PostgreSQL database in a managed environment on Azure, the startup expects to expand rapidly worldwide. Features include a trustworthiness score, a verified and protected user identity, real-time messaging, r… See more
Blockchain and other DLT technologies, either via cryptocurrencies or Smart Contracts, are often described as "trustless" technologies. They allow users to transact with one another without needing to rely on intermediaries they trust, such as banks or notaries, in order to ensure that the transaction takes place in a safe manner.
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6 Alternatives to Credo360 2.0
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