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Tripr alternatives and competitors

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Connecting Travelers Based on Future Plans

Top alternatives for Tripr

Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance in weeks
  • MileHi

    Network and make friends in the sky
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  • Travellar

    4 reviews
    ๐ŸŒFind the best travel activities, improvise, explore and experience the world.
    ๐Ÿ™ŒSpontaneously connect with others while exploring together.
    โ›บCreate activities and have other travellers joining your adventure.
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  • Buckit

    2 reviews

    Buckit is an social network for travel-enthusiasts to come together to build & share travel experiences. Create a journal, tell your story, and discover new & exciting opportunities around the world.

    Our goal is to catalog world knowledge & build relevant travel resources to simplify the entire travel planning process as a community. Join today!

    Super easy to use, great way to start travel blogging

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  • TravelStack

    TravelStack is a decentralized photo diary & social network built on the blockchain.

    Travelstack allows you to share the photos of your travels with the world while keeping hold of your data. No compressed images or restrictions. We're redesigning how people connect with each other through decentralized technologies.

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  • Zonder

    Whether you travel far and wide or like to try new restaurants in your hometown, you are an explorer. And Zonder is your mobile companion as you explore the world.

    The beta is currently available for iOS and Android. Interested in joining the adventure? Sign up at www.zonderapp.com to receive your exclusive invitation key!

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  • Golightly

    Golightly is an online, invite-only private club providing a vacation rental and home-sharing platform for women. All Golightly properties are owned or managed by women. Bookings are only made by women within the network, though they can travel with whomever.
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    GAFFL helps travelers and adventurers to find others who are planning to go to the same destinations at the same time and plan trips together in a group.

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  • YoloMate

    Join or Host a meetup in your traveling city to meet other travelers or locals.

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  • Jaunt

    Jaunt is different from other travel apps as it actively encourages users to collaborate on every stage of their travels. By collaborating with other travellers around the globe you will gain an insight into others cultures so that when you come home you are more open to the cultures around you!

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  • Tourzan.com

    1 review

    Tourzan connects people with new experiences around the world. Share the experiences of your city with as many people as possible. Tourzan provides a world-class platform on which to craft, market, and connect those experiences to travelers around the globe.

    Find the most amazing experiences: Welcome to Tourzan.

    Hence it looks similar to Airbnb "experiences", it looks like a concept that if there is some pivoting, can be interesting.

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  • Travel Ladies

    1 review
    Travel Ladies is a female only travel app empowering women to travel and explore the world. The app helps women to find travel buddies, meet nearby travelers and localcs and find free accommodations as part of a cultural exchange.
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