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Create your own micro-social network for topics

Treadie helps you create your own micro-social network for topics, rants, stories

sport team.

7 Alternatives to Treadie

Spectrum is a new platform for you to join, start and build online communities.

Chakib Tsouli
Chakib Tsouli- Product Designer
I used this quite a few times, and I think it ticks all the boxes.
Dominik Serafin
Dominik Serafin- Trying to get out of the bubble.
Something like Doist Twist but for open communities. Pretty awesome.
Yashu Mittal
Yashu Mittal- Founder & CEO, CodeCarrot
A community is not just a place for talking with other people, we need a place where conversation can be organized and can we easily accessed for all communities.
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Yay! Congrats Brian, Max, and Bryn! You are awesome, and inspiring, I mean very inspiring. Open sourced your codebase, kept the team super small, engaged with the community very much and more!
Seven months ago I quietly started working on a new project: not an open source or side project, but a product and a company. It's called Spectrum. Spectrum is a new platform for you to join, start and build online communities.
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The blogging network for the crypto industry

TokenTalk is a blogging network built specifically for the crypto industry.

It's a community dedicated to producing and sharing quality crypto assets information to make us better blockchain makers and investors.

It includes:

- Content scheduling

- Follow your favourite profiles and projects

- Latest price updates

- Token information

and more..

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A decentralised app for communities

Ourtopia provides a transparent and democratised space for every type of communities for, promoting and running a project. It provides facilities for small societies and communities to promote and grow smoothly. Ourtopia is a process to discover the power of communities.

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Discover your next favorite thing

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.