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Treadie helps you create your own micro-social network for topics, rants, stories

sport team.

Top Treadie alternatives
Online fundraising for growth-obsessed startups
  • Spectrum is a new platform for you to join, start and build online communities.

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    Spectrum is awesome. It's like what everyone wishes social networks would be, but can never find because they are too individually centered.…

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  • The city is a system, while all the issues it has are bugs. But how to fix all the bugs? CityBugs allows city authorities quickly address the issues when citizens report them. It is the citizen who knows what disturbs them and what needs to be solved.
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    Use it wherever you want !

  • Koo

    Anonymous chatrooms and group texting
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  • Chatrooms for real life venues, neighborhoods and events
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  • TokenTalk

    TokenTalk is a blogging network built specifically for the crypto industry.

    It's a community dedicated to producing and sharing quality crypto assets information to make us better blockchain makers and investors.

    It includes:

    - Content scheduling

    - Follow your favourite profiles and projects

    - Latest price updates

    - Token information

    and more..

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  • Amity

    Amity Social Cloud supercharges your platform with social features — from social feeds and in-app chat, to video and live streaming. Build online communities, drive social engagement, create positive experiences, and grow your revenue.
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  • Hear Me Out!

    Hear Me Out! is a simple way to submit, discuss your ideas in public. Eventually, we want to pitch the ideas to the right stakeholders in San Francisco.

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  • ‎Steam Chat iOS

    Take your Steam friends, groups, and conversations with you wherever you go.
    The Steam Chat app includes many key features of the desktop Steam client chat, including:
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  • Frandom

    Chat anonymously with friends or strangers
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  • Ourtopia provides a transparent and democratised space for every type of communities for, promoting and running a project. It provides facilities for small societies and communities to promote and grow smoothly. Ourtopia is a process to discover the power of communities.

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    one of the best app on blockchain

  • FAM

    Launched in Asia in February 2021, FAM was developed with the intention to take on Clubhouse and serve communities of color. With a focus on culture and education, FAM app is available on both Android and iOS, and open for anyone to join.
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