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Discover new music by listening to a song’s best part first

13 alternative and related products to Trbble

Record Bird 2.0

Get notified whenever your favorite artists drop new music

Andreas Mahringer- Founder of Record Bird (
Drops me a message whenever my artists drop new music. Also available for iOS. Pure love! <3
Andreas Mahringer- Founder of Record Bird (
Best app and bot for new music!
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Pulse | Music

Discover new music and share it with friends

Discover new music through tags, e.g. #KidsInLove or #🤗

Share songs publicly with your followers or in private to a friend.

Okay, this title sucks. I know. But I can't do any better. Let's just say.. I probably won't ever win a gold medal in writing ( if that's even a thing?). Bear with me though! Let's cut to the chase! So have you ever heard about Pulse? You have?!
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