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8 alternative and related products to TrapFi 2.0

TrapFi 2.0
Get paid per pull request

TrapFi makes it easy for freelance developers to get paid per pull request. Freelance developers earn an average $90K per year, most of which is paid out weeks and months after the work is completed.

8 Alternatives to TrapFi 2.0

Toptal is a marketplace for top developers and top companies

Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar- CEO,
I hired a designer a few months back. Their price point is high but I would say it's worth. If you want to push boundaries with your design, hire from them. If you prefer hunting talents from around the world (English-speaking), they covered it.Also, I like the fact that, they do have a trial period. Cons: Their response time has gone down in the past few m… See more
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
A higher price point with individually vetted designers.
equinux- equinux
Hey Qazim! If you're looking to freelance, try Toptal. Good luck! :)
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Schedule when GitHub PRs get merged. Useful for static blogs

PR Scheduler is a GitHub App that allows developers to schedule pull requests to be merged at a specific date and time. It works great for scheduling blog posts on static content frameworks like Jekyll, Hugo and Octopress. To schedule a PR, just add a comment.

3 Alternatives to PR Scheduler

Automated visual reviews for GitHub pull requests

Developers, having trouble with large pull requests you need to review?Visualizations of code change shows nicely both dependencies and the context. Additional insights helps to identify issues early.
Hunters get a free month of usage in the cloud!

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Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world. Join us!
Softagram brings visual pull request analysis to GitHub MarketplaceUnique visual analysis of the changes and impact of pull requests speeds up code reviews and eliminates architecture drawbacks. For an effective code review, one must use their time to thoroughly understand the
11 Alternatives to Softagram

Chrome extension to craft the perfect pull request

Pull requests should be small, surgical, keeping only the minimum required updates.
This extension adds a button to Github's Pull Request page that extracts files from one branch into a new one, so you can submit perfect PRs, even if you didn't plan ahead.

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Defined scope is among the most important features of a good Pull Request. This free little extension will slice your branch until it reaches perfection I had a dream. And in my dream I type: git log and actually able to follow the log of my git.
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