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Translatar alternatives and competitors

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Instantly translate objects, animals, and anything with TranslatAR. Just approach and point the camera at the object then Translatar detects and translates any object into 100 languages. Also, you can hear the pronunciation right after translation.
  • Aibuds are wearable language translation earbuds featuring 36 languages 2-way translation, multi-lingual group translation, true wireless stereo system to present seamless over-the-air translation and listening experience.

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  • Skype Translator

    Speak another language without learning another language.
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  • WT2 in ear translator

    WT2 is a real-time, wearable translator that includes 2 earphones, 1 app, and a customized charging case. The earphones provide long-term, hands-free foreign language communication, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture while traveling, express yourself more completely and build more meaningful connections with the people you meet.

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  • Kiara Translator

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    Kiara Translator helps to communicate with anyone in the world with supported 100 languages in Slack. We make it easy for anyone to communicate on Slack regardless of language preference.
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  • Pidging

    Pidging is a pocket travel vocabulary app that helps travellers to communicate in local languages during the journey, that works offline without requiring constant Internet connection.
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