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9 alternative and related products to Transcriber

Transcribe any audio/video to text in minutes

Transcriber — speech recognition service that allows you to transcribe any audio/video into text in minutes.

Affordable prices and high speed, high accuracy rate (96%), telegram chat-bot for quick and easy transcriptions.

For users from Product Hunt special offer: +3 hours for transcription FOR FREE.

9 Alternatives to Transcriber

Transcribe & summarize your meetings or interviews 💬

Reason8 is great for your interviews, business and project meetings, and anywhere you can think of! Our app gets rid of note-taking interruptions and lets you focus on the discussion instead.

Use one device to transcribe your speech notes or join two devices with Reason8 at an in-person meeting.

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Thanks to technology, making an audio recording of a meeting is a trivially easy task these days. While speech to text services can help tackle the tedium of transcription, this just invites a slew of new problems: The need to clean up and confirm transcripts. To verify who said what.
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Convert your speech, podcasts and videos to text.

Spext is the easiest way to convert and share your audio - speech, podcasts and videos to text

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Explore the software, services, and tools that Spext uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
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Accurate transcription and translation for video pros

Auto transcribe and translate your audio & video in minutes and in 90+ languages with speech recognition and advanced AI (website, Mac/PC app, or on-prem solution).

Then edit the transcript like a Google doc and export it to your NLE post production software (FCP X, Adobe Premiere, Avid MC) and MS Word while preserving timecode and framerate.

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Simon Says | Transcription
Swift, accurate transcription is crucial for numerous industries such as news, research, radio, and legal. Since our inception, we have worked to eliminate many of the barriers (i.e. variable costs, slow turnaround, and quality) standing between great transcription and the people who need it. However, one problem remained: there is a large bias towards Engli… See more
Simon Says | Transcription
Whether you are getting your audio and video files transcribed the old-fashioned way (manual transcription) or through a modern service like, uh hem, Simon Says (swift, automated transcription), the quality of the audio is directly correlated with the accuracy of its transcript and this is especially true when using speech recognition.
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Transcribe spoken words from your video & audio files

Takomborerwa- Software engineer
its good
Takomborerwa- Software engineer
i've used it - its good
Harry Raymond
Harry Raymond- Product guy, Product Hunt NYC
I've been impressed with Trint. Allows you to transcribe audio to text quickly and affordably.
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Convert physical books into digital notes

• Using your device's camera, instantly convert text from a book into a note on your device

• Share important excerpts with friends and colleagues

• Compile all of a book's excerpts and export them in a single file

• Save excerpts from as many books as you like

• Choose your highlighter colour – yellow, blue, green, or none

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