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Slack for traders: Chat app for financial trading teams.

Echofin is an all-in-one communication platform for financial traders, that brings the heat of the trading floor to everyday traders monitors.

Financial widgets and tools are available within the chatroom environment. Our integrated billing solutionn makes pay-to-access content available.

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A new messaging service was launched in January hoping to create a standard in trading communications the same way Slack has done for managing programming teams. Echofin is a platform for creating teams or communities where users can discuss trading strategies, market conditions and the like.
When it comes to communication & collaboration, retail traders use Echofin. Echofin is for traders as Discord is to gamers, Slack to developers etc.Traders can create their own team chatrooms, enhanced with useful financial widgets from a widget marketplace (like FX Calendar, news flash, Price tickers, Real-time talking twitter feed, etc) and communicate wit… See more
Echofin provides financial traders a powerful, robust, and easy to use chat platform where they can converge and communicate with each other, discuss market insights, provide learning and information, as well as support each other among others. With Echofin, traders get all the familiar features that one expects from a messenger app.
Historically, financial organizations have watched forlornly through the front window while startups have adopted new and cool tools like Slack, Twitter, and Convo. Now they can join in the fun with something called Echofin. You can imagine the product as a sort of hyper-powered Slack for financial groups.
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