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Touchbase alternatives and competitors

1 review
Touchbase is an easy way for remote teams to hold quick, time-limited video catch-ups. Set the topic, share the url & your 15 minute video session starts when someone else joins. After 15 minutes, the session automatically ends.

Top alternatives for Touchbase

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Zoom

    8 reviews

    Zoom is a powerful online meeting tool for large, distributed teams.

  • Whereby

    5 reviews
    Easy and flexible meetings in the browser. Create your permanent own video room (whereby.com/your-room) that guests can join simply by clicking the link. No downloads or registration required by guests, no host required in meetings.
  • Watercooler

    1 review
    Watercooler is a new way to spark and join in office banter with coworkers, at your leisure.
  • Zipcall

    3 reviews
    Simple, Secure, and Fast. Zipcall is built radically different. We left behind slow bulky servers, opting for decentralized peer to peer calling. We engineered a platform with maximum video quality and lowest latency.
  • Spike Secure Video Meetings

    6 reviews
    Spike’s secure and simple Audio and Video Conferencing keeps you connected with your family, friends and team for free. Simply click the link, enter your name, and start your secure video chat.
  • Wondercall by Tico

    Get a complete video conferencing service on your website in 1 minute.
    No extra development and learning expense.
    No more switch between different windows and services.
    You can make it happen on your website with just a simple copy and paste.
  • StoryXpress

    7 reviews
    StoryXpress is a video platform for high performing teams with a suite of video tools- webcam & screen recorder, video hosting, video editing & video analytics engine. With custom branding and powerful integrations for sales, marketing customer support tools.
  • Wondercall 2.0

    1 review
    Get a video call and scheduler feature into your services in the blink of an eye. Wondercall 2.0 is the more powerful embedded video call system for any website & app. Now you can not only make calls but also schedule them. And the way to check all engagement!
  • Snapcall for LiveChat

    Payment required
    SnapCall for LiveChat allows you to enhance your customer support with voice & video calls directly in the chat widget on your website. Share your screen via the LiveChat App and show solutions that are hard to tell, even using your mobile device!
  • Swingby

    1 review
    Swingby is a video conferencing tool for remote teams that allows people to easily connect together, without the hassle of planning a meeting in advance. You can just pop by (Swingby 🤔) on a channel and start talking with the people inside it.
  • Supersonic

    Supersonic is the virtual social space for your remote team. See who's hanging out and join in instantly. Ditch the Zoom happy hours for organic conversation. Enjoy working again 😎
    Signup for our beta today!
  • Roundee.io - Smarter video meetings

    1 review

    Roundee is a smart, browser-based video meeting platform to allow instant meetings without interruption.


    - Personal dashboard, custom meeting URLs, cloud recording, screen share, doc share, chat, and more.

    Sign up free at https://roundee.io.

  • Ring4 Meeting

    1 review
    Ring4 Meeting is a free conferencing service designed to be dead simple 🧘‍♀️
    - It requires No Sign-up, No software install
    - It supports Voice + Video + Screen sharing & an Anonymous mode
    - It is working in the browser (desktop and mobile) with a simple link
  • Noysi Meet

    4 reviews
    Noysi Meet is a Jitsi fork optimized to scale to any number of participants and time in high quality for free and with guaranteed high availability, only charged for recording the video call or broadcast it on Youtube.
  • Dialog

    Dialog lets you create voice chat rooms for your team. With voice chat, you unlock those spontaneous, impactful conversations that used to be difficult to find while remote.
    Solve problems faster, generate more good ideas, and get your team more in touch.
  • Relay Videos

    For the Ideas that just can't wait. Asynchronously share bite-sized videos that break barriers between teams, organized to simulate real life conversation and unintentional discovery, redistributing the value of meetings from merely time restricted to 24/7.
  • Pijin

    Pijin is a fast and fun way to chat with friends!

    - Create a short prompt or question (i.e. Tacos, Pizza, or Burgers?)
    - Select up to 3 responses (🌮 🍕 🍔 )
    - Send to your "coop" and let them choose one of the responses!