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AI that reads privacy policies so that you don't have to!

Polisis is a new way of visualizing and analyzing privacy policies, powered with AI. It can tell you what a site collects, what it is sharing, and much more!

And if you have further question about the policy, simply ask the chatbot, PriBot, to get an answer in real-time from the policy itself.

Feel free to analyze any site you want!

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Hacker Noon
Hopefully, you're still with me at this early stage and you didn't get lost in an endless spiral of similar videos recommended by YouTube, such as people streaming themselves reading privacy policies of Google, Facebook, and Appl e, for hours. Actually, the privacy policy, the equally annoying sibling of terms and conditions, is the subject of this article.
You don't read privacy policies. And of course, that's because they're not actually written for you, or any of the other billions of people who click to agree to their inscrutable legalese. Instead, like bad poetry and teenagers' diaries, those millions upon millions of words are produced for the benefit of their authors, not readers-the lawyers who wrote th… See more
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Analyze website privacy policies as you browse

handl is a Google Chrome extension that helps you better understand how a website's privacy policy stacks up against the privacy policies offered by similar websites.

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We're all just one data breach or one inappropriate data-sharing incident away from online exposure. In addition to the personal information we knowingly convey to website operators, we also reveal seemingly benign information such as our operating system, internet service provider, and browser information.
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