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Top Spot
Find the tracks you've added most to your Spotify playlists

Top Spot looks through your Spotify playlists, finds the most frequently occurring tracks, and creates you a playlist from them.

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7 Alternatives to Top Spot

Emil Cataranciuc
I tried YouTube, SoundCloud and Apple Music. I was ready to give up music due to the fact that discovering new, cool music was such a pain and those tools never recommended something at least half good. But then came Spotify. It delivered the most amazing experience. It's just jaw dropping.
Ouriel Ohayon
by far the best. hands down. nothing comes even close to the quality of the recommendations and the simplicity of the experience
Pavan Sethi
Discover Weekly is awesome! Some tips: 1) As you can imagine, the more you listen to Spotify, the better. 2) If you don't want what you're listening to at the moment have an effect on your recommendations, turn on 'Private Mode' (like if you're listening to background music to concentrate).
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Maria Krisette Capati 26th Aug 2015 iOS, Software Hacks Torn between the two music-streaming services? Or have you decided to stick with Apple Music despite the $9.99 monthly subscription fee (for the individual account)? If you have finally decided to move your Spotify playlist, there are two ways to do it: Applefy and STAMP.
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