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Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
19 Alternatives to Tool.Domains

DomainWatch makes it easy for you to monitor your own domains and ones you want to acquire. We keep an eye on expiration dates, nameservers, SSL certificates, whois contacts and more.

DomainWatch is free for monitoring expiration for 10 domains. If you have more domains and want to monitor more than just expiration dates, say hello.

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Show HN: DomainWatch - Get notified when a domain becomes available
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Finding the perfect name for your startup project can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Frustrated by this very same problem myself, I decided to build a webapp that compiles a list of all the available one-word domain names with TLDs like .ai, .co, .com & .io

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Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News
There aren't many available, it turns out. A new website helps people find available one-word domain names-and proves just how rare they are in popular top level domains. Steven Tey, a data science student at the Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute, launched OneWord.Domains to show available one-word domains in a handful of popular extensions.
Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News
Upgrades include synonyms, premium tags. A new and popular site for finding one-word domain names has released version 2.0. I interview the site's creator, Steven Tey, on DNW Podcast #287. OneWord.Domains helps you find available one-word domains in extensions such as .app, .co, .ai and .io.
Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News
Domain discovery site adds more TLDs and monetization features. I'm having fun watching OneWord.Domains develop. Steven Tey developed the site to help people find available one word domain names. You can listen to an interview with him in DNW Podcast #287. Tey, a student, has incorporated feedback from users and is testing various monetization strategies.
Namecheap Blog
Lemonade. Nest. Snowflake. These are all brand names of companies that don't sell what their names suggest. Lemonade doesn't sell lemonade; it sells insurance. You can't buy a bird's nest from Nest, but you can buy a connected thermostat. Snowflake won't ship snow to you, but you can use its cloud data platform.
To give you guys some backstory, I was dabbling around with Flask the other day and decided to build something that I would've loved to use when I was trying to find a good name for my startup - a database of all the available one-word domain names out there.
Startup Stash
Looking for a simple, yet catchy domain name? Check out One Word Domains and identify the best one for your new startup idea.
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