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Toofr alternatives and competitors

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Find email through pattern matching.

Top alternatives for Toofr

HIPAA Compliance by Secureframe
Easy HIPAA compliance backed by a team of compliance experts
  • Hunter

    Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. With 200+ million email addresses indexed, effective search filters and scoring, it's the most powerful email-finding tool ever created.

    I like this tool for collecting emails when i build backlinks. Furthermore i use contactout. These two are a good combination.

  • TrueLeads

    3 reviews
    TrueLeads provides accurate contact information for top prospects and candidates while you search on LinkedIn. With the click of a button, TrueLeads gives you access to over 220 Million contact records in an easy to use dashboard. Use code PH25 for 25% Off!
  • Email Generator

    Get +50 email combinations and validate them with Rapportive
  • Finder

    1 review
    Finder is a lead generation tool that allows you to find email addresses from the key people at each business. Contacting certain websites didn't use to be this easy. Luckily, you found us.
  • Enrich by VoilaNorbert

    2 reviews

    Enrich your email data with a company name, job title, location & social media profile. Starting at $.04 per email address.

    If you easily want to get your data enriched or find email addresses, this is the right tool.

  • Email.Echelon

    If you find yourself guessing people's work email addresses, there is now a low-cost, easy solution. Just enter someone's first name, last name, and domain and our algorithm will find their email address. If we can't find it, we don't charge you.

    I think it's a great product and there's definitely a need for it — but I think for now I'll stick to using other email finders.

  • VoilaNorbert Massive Search

    Find your leads email address easily from a simple CSV file
  • GitHub Email Hunter

    1 review
    Github Email Hunter helps you find anyone's email address, as long as they have a Github account. It's great for contacting other developers, reaching out for help, or seeing who worked on a repo. You can search emails for an individual user or a repo.
  • Eaxtac

    This chrome extension will help you anyone's email addrees just with their full name and domain.
    Just enter the full name then domain and click on find email button.
    USECASE - investors email ,potential leads or email of anyone on linkedin.
  • Email Discovery Tool

    Free options
    Email Discovery Tool allows for unlimited scrapping of emails, LinkedIn profiles and business names and addresses from the web for your cold email outreaches.
    This is useful for recruiters and b2b salespeople, for targeted engagement.
  • Paxtac

    Paxtac is a simple chrome extension to find anyone's email with a full name and domain. I personally use it to find leads on Linkedin,Twitter, Angellist or whenever i want to find email.