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AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

Tonkean automates the tracking & monitoring of critical business data. Our A.I. Bot proactively seeks out updates from teams, and organizes it into one dashboard along with key data from the tools you use. By connecting key data with the context only your team can provide, Tonkean ends micromanagement and enables teams to focus on doing great work.

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Simple, collaborative reporting tool for businesses.

Although data is inarguably the heart and soul of every company, it's typically locked away and siloed within the rows and columns of antiquated spreadsheets.Our mission is to give companies the tools to bring those million of rows and columns into the 21st century.
3 Alternatives to Slemma

Datadeck for Teams

Simple, beautiful dashboard reporting for teams & agencies

Pull data from anywhere (spreadsheets, social media accounts, Google Analytics accounts, Adwords, etc) and display it in one centralized APP. Create useful, customized dashboards that give your teams an overview of what's important to them. Use these dashboards as your regular reports by sharing them via link or PDF. You'll save hours monthly!

Data Dum Dum
Our livestream is live!!! Tune in now and ask us anything about data, our Datadeck offer... or just anything that's on your mind. Today is the DAY... Product Hunt is hosting our brand new Datadeck for...
10 Alternatives to Datadeck for Teams

Can you suggest a simple CRM?

Dries HendrickxSales manager, Conversation Starter
Salesflare CRM - Intelligent sales CRM for startups who thrive on technology
"Salesflare is probably what you're looking for. It automates the processes regularly carried out by your sales team, and it's incredibly ea… See more
PipeDrive CRM - Effortless pipeline management.
"Pipedrive was the only CRM that wasn't a hassle to use (and we tried at least 6), is very simple set up, very intuitive experience and a lo… See more
Tonkean - AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team
"Tonkean is a great tool to use as a CRM. That's what we do! You can create a List that consists of your customers and then each Track with… See more

Best app for social media analytics?

Felipe MolinaBlogger at
Tonkean - AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team
"If you have an idea of what you want to track from each platform, I would recommend something like Tonkean. Once you identify the native … See more

What is the most useful app for seamless team collaboration?

Boštjan BregarCEO of LOOP
Tonkean - AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team
"Tonkean! It's an AI-powered chatbot + project management tool. It automates the cumbersome aspects of team communication (like email, follo… See more
Asana - The task management tool, completely redesigned
"Using the "Inbox" feature is key, as is turning off email notifications (gets a little noisy with a lot of use. We train our team to live … See more
Zenkit - The project management tool that grows with you
"We work with Zenkit and it's awesome! It's a combination of different tools like Kanban, Calendar and more. Zenkit offers a great overview … See more

What tools do you use for your webmarketing agency?

Ugo Gessa
Tonkean - AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team
"If you're looking for an automated way to keep your team's updates together, try something like Tonkean. With the AI-powered chatbot, it tr… See more
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