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Toga alternatives and competitors

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Toga allows you to create simple apps from your Sheets so you can share just the right part of your Sheets with your team members or partners. Toga is an easy app interface, with all the power of Google Sheets.
Jotform Apps
Create powerful apps with no code
  • Sheet 2 Site is a website generator that making beautiful site from Google Sheets

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    Playing with this right now....awesome little tool...great job.

  • Create a website from Google Sheet with pictures, text, filters and links, without writing code
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    Love the progress Andrey is making 🙌

  • SpreadSimple uses the data in your Google spreadsheet to create styled websites with a variety of features like filtering, search, sorting, cart, orders collection via forms, and much more. Update the sheet to instantly reflect the changes on the website.
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  • Pory.io is a no-code tool for creating websites using Airtable as a database. Using our collection of templates, you can create sites like marketplaces, social networks, lists and more!
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  • Siteoly is a no-code tool to build websites from Google sheets. Turn your Google sheet data into a working website. You can select from 50+ design templates and create your site in less than 10 minutes.
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  • Bold

    Instantly turn your spreadsheets into software for your team Bold gives you a customisable, collaborative software system entirely powered by your spreadsheets.
    Combine data from all your different sheets into a single platform. All the data stays where it is
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  • MyQuickSite lets you convert your Google Sheet into a beautiful website. You can customize color, height & spacing, change font styles, all visually for the following area,
    - Header
    - Title and sub title
    - Menu
    - Search
    - Content
    - Individual rows and fields
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  • Custom no-code apps for your team and your clients. With Open as App, you can create & share great mobile and web apps based on your data in Excel, Google Sheets, or databases. It works automatically, instantly, on any platform, and without any coding skills.
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  • Using your Airtable API key in a frontend is a bad idea. With that key, anyone could wreak havoc on your bases. Flairtable scopes your Airtable API key. It allows you to safely link your Airtable bases with your frontend or client.
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  • Publisheet is an Excel add-in that provides one-click publishing of your worksheets as dynamic, cloud-hosted web pages, with formula support. Absolutely no coding required.
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