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ToDesktop is an all-in-one platform for building and releasing desktop apps.
With ToDesktop 2.0, you can:
🛠Convert your web app to a desktop app or menubar app using our app builder
🧩Use our CLI to publish your own Electron app on our managed infrastructure
Top ToDesktop 2.0 alternatives
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  • Web2Desk is a tool to convert your favorite websites to Desktop app in just one click. Regardless of Platform( Mac, Linux, Windows) we got it covered and it's free!

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    It would be nice to be able to edit the title bar (completely, not just the name of the web) or include a menu

  • Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps
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    I always return to Fluid - recently, I tried to find a suitable Twitter Mac Client and in the end, nothing was better than a Fluid shell.

    I …

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  • Unite 3 for macOS

    Unite 3 allows you to turn any website into an app on your Mac. With the lightweight Unite 3 browser, you can customize your app to feel more native.
    Just a few of the 100+ new fixes/features this year:
    - Ad blocking
    - Intelligent Whitelisting
    - Compact apps
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