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To Round

Task manager designed for visual thinkers

20 alternative and related products to To Round

Things 3.0

Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

Ricardo Polo- Co-founder of Tulpep
Just watch their UX!
Jay- Web Developer & Designer
Cloud sync, tagging, due dates, projects, focus areas, notes, recurring tasks. I've been using Things for years and love it. Might have slightly fewer features than you need, but I think most of these other ones have too many features you don't need (like team collaboration). If you need something slightly more robust than Things, I'd try OmniFocus (which I … See more
Justin Mabee- Designer. East Nashville.
While it took a long time for Things 3 to get released, I wouldn't trust my tasks or to-do lists to anyone else. I tried several other list apps and nothing syncs or stays consistent the way Things does. It's a little pricey for students, but it's worth it. My university actually paid for Things 2 for me, so I got all the updates throughout 4 years of colleg… See more
5 Alternatives to Things 3.0


The task management tool, completely redesigned

Caleb Ulffers- Startup in progress
I've also implemented Asana at three companies and absolutely love it. I've used it for national events, media content schedules, marketing teams, and am currently using it to run my startup.
tampajohn- CTO, Bringhub
While I love myself some Trello, I have to admit that I've become an Asana convert. It's super intuitive, and has a lot of nice features baked into it that "just work". Only issue I have is that their integrations are limited when compared to some of the other options (trello,, etc)
Brian Leonard- Head of Customer Experience, Bringhub
I've implemented Asana at 3 separate companies after using Trello and Basecamp. Project templates, list or board style, easy drag and drop, repeating tasks, so much more.
10 Alternatives to Asana


Beautiful team chat with tightly integrated task management

bayoyong- Owner, Cinder Creative
Best UI of any project manager I've used. They continue to add features. Love it. Not sure why it hasn't gotten much pub.
Lance Jones- Copy Hackers & Airstory
Hey, Product Hunters! We may not be making life-sized Lego blocks, but we’re on a mission to make working together easier for teams. And our team is happy to answer any questions you have about Flow and where we’re headed with it. :-)
34 Alternatives to Flow


A smart to-do list that divides up your tasks for the day

Michael Hirsch- Founder, Big Bold Co.
This is especially great for students! You can enter something like "Read 30 chapters of history book", give it a deadline, and it will break up the chapters for you automatically and keep you on track daily.
Nick Abouzeid 🕴- Social & Growth at Product Hunt
Just launched on PH today!
Michael Hirsch- Founder, Big Bold Co.
Taskful is fun and easy to use all while being very smart and complex. It breaks up your tasks to only show you what you need to do today so you can focus on completing them. For example, if you wanted to finish a book of 20 chapters in a week you would type in "Read 20 chapters of book" and tell it when you want to complete it and the days of the week you w… See more
6 Alternatives to Taskful


A smart to-do list and goal tracker app

evekate- IOS developer, CEO, Pepzen Ltd.
Purp keeps to stay on the road with showing the progress for you until you have reach all the necessary parts of the service / product, the goals.
Ferenc Horvat- Designer
Purp allows seeing each of your projects’ progression in same time. It helps to handle the tasks and deadlines dynamically because the Brain function organizes your tasks from each project automatically based on their importance, deadline, category and it sorts them to fit the given time of the day. Thereby it boosts your productivity and helps to be less st… See more
6 Alternatives to Purp


An intelligent to-do app that learns when to remind you

Derek Lo- Co-founder & CEO, Py
Dear Hunters, Daybreak is a reminder & to-list app that uses machine learning algorithms to figure out when your favorite remind times are. Some other awesome features: - Syncs with your Google Calendar - Customize with different themes - Beautiful data visualizations to understand your behavior - Natural language processing recognizes certain keyword… See more
6 Alternatives to Daybreak

Swipes for Teams

Slack client with built-in task management

Kasper Pihl Tornoe- CEO, Swipes
Ever since we started developing Swipes back in 2013, we all had the intuitive feeling that one day we want to - and we will - build a team productivity tool. One that is for teams that stay away from unnecessary procedures that hide people’s accomplishments in a pile of documents. And today we launch exactly that. Swipes for Teams is a Slack client that i… See more
7 Alternatives to Swipes for Teams


Task manager with a unique data input system

Danny Kurian-
Taskcode is a masterfully created task manager with a unique data input system. Unlike other reminder apps, where the user constantly have to tap from one option to another, Taskcode allows the easiest way of specifying all attributes of a reminder like due date, time, subtasks, title, repeat function etc. simply by typing. This allows for a much quicker and… See more
3 Alternatives to Taskcode


The world's most open collaborative task manager

Hamayak Harutyunov- Full Stack Engineer
Task manager with clean and minimalistic design, which helps you concentrate on getting things done, another important feature is integration with different services, such as Email, Slack and Evernote as it solves the problem to share tasks/to-dos and collaborate with anyone, even if they don’t have an account. P.S. I found Sendtask as the fastest task man… See more
Trifon Tsvetkov- Copywriter @
I use Sendtask to manage all of my actionable info. If something needs to get done, it goes to Sendtask. It has a clean design that allows you to focus. In addition, Sendtask provides some unique functionality - forwarding tasks directly from Email, Slack and Evernote while bringing advanced collaboration features to third-party working relationships. (not j… See more
Cédric Waldburger- 👩‍🚀 Founder; ❤️ Startups
Unlike most collaborative task managers, Sendtask allows you to work with literally anyone. Recipients of tasks don't need to create an account ever. This allows you to manage all your coworkers, freelancers and 3rd party providers in one place. Also offers a very simple and efficient email and Slack integration.
2 Alternatives to Sendtask

GoodTask 3

Task manager based on iOS reminders and calendars

Steve Isaacs- Senior Creative Director, bpg
I've literally tried them ALL, and GoodNotes is the only todo app I use steadily. Desktop and mobile versions are great, and it's built on top of Apple's Reminders.
Hanbum Kim- Leader, haha interactive
Hi everyone, my name is Hanbum Kim and I would like to introduce GoodTask 3 which has just been released. GoodTask is a task manager app based on iOS Reminders and Calendars that you can use as simple checklist or even as complex project management tool. It's highly customizable with many powerful features which makes it possible. GoodTask has been availab… See more
7 Alternatives to GoodTask 3

Fillip App

Task manager that gives you motivation

Pavel Shchepochkin- Fillip App CEO & Founder
Hello, Hunters! I am the CEO of Fillip App. So as a very enthusiastic group of students, we know that we do need motivation for our everyday life tasks. So, we created Fillip App, a task manager that is specifically designed to help you get motivation. Fillip app is a new way to tackle your to-do list and get everyday activities done. It lets you easily set … See more
6 Alternatives to Fillip App


A sketchbook that teaches you visual thinking

Lu Milevskyi
Hi. I'm Lu, a maker of BOLD — a sketchbook that teaches people visual thinking. There are two parts of the learning process with BOLD. A physical part is a premium handmade sketchbook that comes in 2 dimensions and 4 styles. The second part is digital. It’s a 10-lesson email course you will receive twice a week. Once you’ve got your sketchbook, you will st… See more
3 Alternatives to Bold

Azendoo for Mobile

Shared tasks lists and team sync, on the go.

Gregory Lefort- CEO Azendoo
Hello hunters, we're excited to introduce the new Azendoo mobile app, re-designed and re-coded from scratch: it’s faster and includes new features (team and private chat, 3D Touch, tasks swipe, smart notifications, and more), to help you take the pain out of team collaboration. We're on a mission to change how teams plan tasks, sync on projects or chat and… See more
9 Alternatives to Azendoo for Mobile


Task management & group collaboration visually illustrated.

Jesse Rowe
Hi fellow Hunters! My name is Jesse Rowe and I’m 50% of the team at Chek along with my co-founder Alex Ogorek. We’re students at Ohio State University and just like everybody else (especially college students) we procrastinate… A LOT. To not only reduce procrastination but also aid in making sure things get completed on time, we created an app that instantl… See more
4 Alternatives to Chek
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